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in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


We laughed until 
we had to cry 
and we loved down to 
our last goodbye. 
We were the best I 
think we'll ever be 

theme from 
St. Elmo's Fire 


In grateful appreciation of over a decade ot takhtul service to 
Saint Mary's as Director ot Development, the 1988 Stagecoach is 
dedicated to Henry Read. 

Many students know Mr. Read from his work on the 
Phonathon. During his years at Saint Mary's, the college debts 
have been cleared, endowment has grown and alumnae annual 
giving support has risen dramatically. But to the students who 
know him, it is his kindness, cheerfulness and helpfulness that is 
most appreciated. He is always happy to help a club with a project 
such as Lighting the Grove, or just offer a friendly word or lend 
an ear to a student's problem or concern. 

His caring attitude and his commitment to Saint Mary's are 
greatly appreciated by all of us who know him, and we are proud 
to dedicate the 1988 Stagecoach to Mr. Read. 

The 1988 Stagecoach Staff 

Mr. Read leads the Phonathon 
























900 Hillsborough Street 
Raleigh, N.C. 27603 



I ■ 


WW* - ,-- 







•< ■•'-•■ ■',•'.''> 

Martha Anne Allen 

&SL3, . ■ *'"'■ kS£ 

1987 Spring Queen 

1987 Spring Court 

Martha Anne Allen 


Courtney Brooks 

Maid of Honor 

Margaret Barnes 

Carlie Draper 

Marcy Everett 

Kiki Pullen 

Mary Sparrow 

Emily Travis 

Beth Van Dorp 

Liz Stickley 

Olga McCoy 

Neely Barnwell 

Patricia Ballard 

Cooki Kozma 

Anna Underwood 

Ruthi Sommers 

Spring Court Pages: 
Lawson Armes, Meg Arey, Mittie 
Barnwell, Pam Batchelor, Susan Cobb, 
Kristi Hale, Catherine Hawes, Jane 
Kollmansperger, Jane Marlowe, Gray 
McElveen, Kim Norfleet, Vicki Scott, 
Shannon Taylor, Susan Sommers, Meg 
Watson, Eleanor White and Kamela 

The Spring Court applauds one of the 
dance groups 

The Gillie Callum dancers perform for 


A group of high school seniors prepare to line 
up for the ceremony 

Chief Marshal Beth Van Dorp drops the 
handkerchief, officially ending the year 


The day finally arrived. On May 9, 
1987, the high school seniors and 
college sophomores graduated from 
Saint Mary's leaving behind some of the 
best friends and memories of their lives. 
As the sun shone brightly on some of 
their faces, the graduates listened to the 
speakers, Dr. Marcia Jones and John 

Rice. Many dreaded the moment when 
the Chief Marshal would drop the tradi- 
tional handkerhief, symbolically ending 
the school year. The year ended with 
joy and tears as the students reflected 
on how hard they had worked, the fun 
they had, and the friends they had 

Luci Litaker leads the college Class of '87 


. ■'- 



The College Class of '87 turn their tassles and 
toss their caps in excitement. 

Lawson Armes places a rose in the vase given 
by the high school class of '87 to the school. 



Summer officially ended for 
Saint Mary's students on open- 
ing day, August 22, 1987. The 
parking lots were filled to 
capacity that hot August day as 
the new students began their 
careers at Saint Mary's. The air 
was full of anticipation, ex- 
citement, and nervousness as 
students moved their bags, 
boxes, stereos, refrigerators and 
clothes into their new home at 
900 Hillsborough Street. Many 
met their roommates and 
hallmates for the first time, and 
many great friendships were 
born that day. Old students got a 
few extra days of summer, but 
soon everyone was back and the 
year was off to a great start. 

During the next week, 

students were kept busy with 
tests, meetings, tours, parties 
and many other activities. Dr. 
Esthimer's "Basement Blues 
Band" entertained at an outdoor 
barbecue. New students gath- 
ered on their halls to try to learn 
the School Hymn for the 
handbook test. Faculty and 
students met to discuss those 
wonderful reading assignments 
and class schedules. The check- 
out line at the bookstore was 
long as students forked out 
mega-bucks tor their new books 
and Saint Mary's sweatshirts. 

Although temperatures made 
it still feel like summer, students 
really knew it was over for 
another year when classes finally 

Above: Dr. Esthimer's Basement Blues Band 
entertains at the barbecue 

| Left: Students eagerly await a serving of Brady's 
I barbecue 

Carolyn Foster and Duffy Newman 

Left: Julie Stubbs and parents take a break 
from all the activity 

Below: Angela Sutton and her dad ready 
to hit the town 


Students welcomed their 
parents to campus October 30- 
31 for Parents Weekend. 
Parents attended classes, ate in 
the dining hall, met with faculty, 
and were entertained by the 
Cold Cuts, Sea Saints, and the 
three dance groups. Daughters 

and their friends and parents 
tilled restaurants around Raleigh 
on Friday night, and parents en- 
joyed breakfast on Saturday 
morning, hosted by Dr. Jenkins. 
It was a picture-perfect autumn 
weekend with the leaves and 
everyone's spirits at their peak. 

Above left: Students and parents attending 


Bottom left: Mrs. Greiner captures the 

attention of parents and students alike in 

chemistry class. 


Dialing for Saint Mary's 

This fall. Saint Mary's students 
joined forces with alumnae, 
parents, faculty and staff for the 
most successful Phonathon in the 
college's history. Each night, 
everyone gathered in Tyler 
Lounge where there was plenty of 
food, fun and prizes for the volun- 
teer workers. Students earned 
extra date-nights, Cokes, candy 
bars, tee-shirts and gift certificates 
for their efforts to help Saint 
Mary's raise money. 

This year, Annual Giving 
Director Scott Hall inspired more 
students than ever before to sign 
up to work on the Phonathon. 
The atmosphere was festive and 
the nights concluded with Mr. 
Read rewarding the workers with 
a free phone call to anywhere in 
the country. 

Right: Anne Pinckney joins 
alumnae on the Saint Mary's 


. Put Saint Mary i Fii 

♦ ♦ CO 

Saint Mary's faculty and staff help put Saint Mary's first 


Development Office staffers, Tracy 
Woolard, Scott Hall and Pat 

HilliarH in Tvlpr Tnnnt** 1 


The Forum Series 

This year's Forum Series inclu- 
ded a wide range of notable 
speakers and performers. 
Speakers included David Eisen- 
hower, author and grandson of 
Dwight Eisenhower; Dr. Sylvia 
Earle, marine biologist; Betty 
Hanagan Bumpers, founder of 
Peace Links and wife of Sen. Dale 
Bumpers; Sandra Mackey, jour- 
nalist; and Rep. David Price. 
Performances were presented by 
the New York New Music En- 
semble, Frank F. Fowle, a 
modern-day bard; and the 
students' favorite — The Steel 

Bandits, a family steel drum band. 
The Bandits set the mood for the 
impending Spring Break with 
their tropical island sound, and 
performed everything from 
Madonna to Beethoven's 
Moonlight Sonata to reggae. 
Another favorite assembly was 
presented by the tallest contestant 
to ever lose the Miss America 
Pageant — Jeanne Robertson. 
Mrs. Robertson conducted the 
"Mr. Saint Mary's" Pageant which 
showed that our faculty members 
really do have good senses of 

Top Left: Mother Nature does her Madonna imitation 
Middle: Bandits' lead singer ventures into the audience 
Bottom left: The contestants eagerly await the judges' 

Mr. Saint Mary's — Dr. Hume 



A day student's day at Saint Mary's 
begins and ends a little sooner than a 
boarder's. A day student can't sleep 
until 7:55 and still make it to her 
8:00 class on time, but she can be as 
involved in campus life as anyone 
else. When not in class, a day student 
can be found in the Day Student 
House watching soaps, studying, or 
just hanging out. 

Day Student events this year 
included a Halloween Open House 
for Parents Weekend, a Christmas 
party, and a car wash to benefit the 
Tammy Lynn Center. This year, the 
Day Students were led by Day 
Student President Anna Underwood, 
and many have been involved in clubs 
and other campus activities. 

Day Students in front of their 
house during their Christmas party 

Hanging out between classes: Michelle Cress, 
Susan Singleton, Chris Hobby and Jennifer 


Mary Ellen Stephenson and Katherine 

Tierney enjoy a cup of Christmas cheer at 

the Christmas party 


Right: Day Students welcome 

parents to their "haunted 


Above: Wick Dunlap and Jennifer 

Martin on their way to the SGA 


Right: A gathering in the Day 
Students' House 



Top: Second Holt — A room with a view 

Middle: Caroline Stephenson, Christie 
Hoffstedder, Gretchen O'Neill and Jenny Roth 

Top right: Jumping Jack Flash and sidekick 

Bottom right: The best little dorm at SMC 



November 1987 

Above: Katherine Redding, Margaret Hambrick, Luci Litaker Below: Elizabeth 
Vandiver, Kelly Gomez, Katherine Norman, Julie Rochon, Kathryn Swing and 
their dates take a break Top right: Ladies ot the night — Laura Taylor, Andee 
Mason and Tracye O'Bannon Middle right: Kimi Serafim, Rhett Lee and Liz King 
Bottom right: Lydia Ogletree and Cindy Jones 

'op: What's the punishment for murder in North Carolina? Below: 

What's that wild look in your eyes. Ma Bell? Top right: Lawson 

Armes and Irish Ballard find the real ladies man of the evening 

Middle: Anna Underwood and Ali Tew Bottom right: Angie — let 

go of our necks! 



Granddaughters Club members till the luminaries with sand 

Granddaughters President Duffy Newman and Ginny Dickens 
in the grove 



Natalie Southworth, Charlotte Bickle, Anna Brooks, Cindy Ross, Alice Boggs and Amy Parrot 

A group of high school students enjoy the Lighting O' the Grove 

Dr. Bauso is just an old Scrooge! 

This year's Lighting O' The Grove was 
sponsored by the S.G.A. with the help of 
the Granddaughters Club. The event was 
held this year for the first time in the front 
of Smedes, complete with a visit from 
Santa (Mr. Tate) and Scrooge (Dr. Bauso). 
Over 500 luminaries lined the circle and 
the event got everyone in the holiday 
mood before the Circle/Beacon Christmas 
party moved the crowd inside Smedes 
Parlor for entertainment by the Cold Cuts 
and refreshments. 


Natalie and Leigh react to the Cold Cuts cuts 

The Cold Cuts take a break from their regulation overalls 


The Circle and Beacon held their annual 
Christmas party for the school in Smedes 
Parlor following the Lighting O' The 
Grove. The Cold Cuts performed a 
repertoire of holiday tunes and Mr. Tate 
gave a special reading of "The Night 
Before Christmas. The party got everyone 
in the holiday spirit before the crunch of 
exams hit two days later. 

Santa (Mr. Tate) reads "The Night Before Christmas" 

Above: High schoolers in the holiday spirit Below: Everyone 
dressed for the occasion 

Above: Hark the Herald Angels Sing? Below: Rudolph 
and friends 


Dads go to class 

Sally Pridgen and her dad shagging 

Anna Yeargin and her dad do the twist 

Liz Fletcher and her dad cut the rug 

Fathers and daughters seem captivated by one of the seminars 



We build our School on Thee, O Lord: 
To Thee we bring our common need: 
The loving heart, the helpful word, 
The tender thought, the kindly deed. 

We work together in Thy sight; 
We live together in Thy love; 
Guide Thou our falt'ring steps aright, 
And lift our thoughts to heaven above. 

Hold Thou each hand to keep it just; 
Touch Thou our lips and make them pure; 
If Thou art with us, Lord, we must 
Be faithful friends and comrades sure. 

We change, but Thou art still the same, 
The same good Master, Teacher, Friends; 
We change, but Lord, we bear Thy Name, 
To journey with it to the end. AMEN. 




- ■*•%• .V. 


Hand to hand, hoof to hoof, sweep the floor, 



raise the roof, shout it high, shout it low: 


L.. .._J . f.fc. - a 

Avery Catts, Susie Thompson, Louis Hogan and Nikki Durand 


Saint Mary's girls hit the slopes 

I can't take it anymore 


i rf# ' . 

Char-Grill sure beats the cafe 


I U-^s^^ify Jm 

" tH 


< fill 


5 'i /'.^ik 

Ma Bell lays down the law 

Eleventh-graders hit the town 

Letetia Jacobs and Mary Virginia Green 



Anna Yeargin blows up balloons 

Sarah Paige Fuller concentrates on her message 

Everyone prepares to release their balloon 

Olga, Kelly, and Kim hand out balloons 



Students got a glimpse ot what Saint Mary's reunions are all about when alumnae 
of all ages gathered on campus for alumnae weekend, April 22-23. As the alums 
toured the campus, visiting their old rooms, students heard some wild stories 
about the good old days. The Circle celebrated its 50th anniversary with a special 
walk on Friday night for all returning members. The 1963 Cold Cuts, (including 
Heather Moore's mother), donned their denim hogwashers, and performed at the 
alumnae party held Saturday night at the Velvet Cloak. The weekend was so 
much fun that many students began to look forward to their reunions in five 

Alumnae Cold Cuts join in singing 

The Cold Cuts — old and new 

Neely and Kimi meet "Miss R" 

Circle Presidents: the 1st and 50th 

The 50th anniversary Circle walk 



Virginia Wilkins accepts the award for 
outstanding English student 

rhe faculty procession 

Leigh McAdoo presents the Mabel Morrison Professor of the 
Year Award to Dr. Esthimer 

McLean Bradshaw: Outstanding Physical 
Education college student 



> ■ r 
Dasher, Prancer and Vixen 

Dance Fever 

Katherine, Ari and Leigh 

Beverly sobs at her baby shower 

Cold Cuts do some silly things! 

"Should we go to tennis practice, or just catch some more rays? 


v / 'ff**<mm 

Neely finds a nice window seat 




Queen Neely Barnwell with her pages, Jennifer Wechsler and 
Mittie Barnwell 

Maid of Honor Anna Underwood with Wick Dunlap 

, r 

First row: Jennifer Wechsler, Marti 
Roberson, Kim Norfleet, Lydia 
Ogletree, Barbara Bryant, Wick Dunlap, 
Elizabeth Simpson, Gina Crow, Susan 
Johnson; Second Row: Ashley 
Scarborough, Deedee Greene, Anna 
Yeargin, Cindy Jones, Luci Litaker, 
Olga McCoy, Jane Pattishall, Andee 
Mason, Anna Underwood, Elizabeth 
Allen, Beth Van Dorp; Third row: 
Anna Tilghman, Kimi Serafim, Mittie 
Barnwell, Katherine Johnson, Harriet 
Adams, Anna Brooks, Kathryn Falls, 
Neely Barnwell, Miriam Mason, Liz 
Stickley, Ginny Dickens, Cackie 
Loughlin, Liles Waddill, Elizabeth 
Leach, Tracye O'Bannon, Tracy 



The Queen and her court 

Caperette Tracy Woolard 

Spring Court 

Orchesis performs to "Cats" 

Neely Barnwell 


Anna Underwood 

Maid of Honor 

Beth Van Dorp 


Liz Stickley 


Jane Pattishall 


Olga McCoy 


Andee Mason 


Luci Litaker 


McLean Bradshaw 


Miriam Mason 


Deedee Greene 


Ginny Dickens 


Elizabeth Allen 


Anna Yeargin 

12th Grade 

Cindy Jones 

12th Grade 

Kathryn Falls 

11th Grade 

Anna Brooks 

1 1th Grade 

Caperettes puttin on the ritz 



Top: Michelle Baba receives the Cooper Medal 

Left: Barbara, Hope and Anna scope out the scene from 2nd 




Above: Anna Yeargin accepts the Highsmith Award 
Left: Marshal Sallie Thorpe leads the procession 






McLean Bradshaw accepts the King Medal 

Elizabeth Allen drops the handkerchief 

Graham Award winner Natalie Carter 


Above: The procession of graduates 
Left: Salutatorian Virginia Wilkins 


No tears for these graduates 

The graduates march through the grove 

One last time for the school hymn 

Valedictorian Ashland Mackie 

Wendy Wortham accepts the Connor Award 



■&£? i^^^^^DHE 



i\ ShH 



/ 1 


V I ^ ff 

Above: 1988 Circle President Kim Norfleet passes the 
torch to 1989 President Susan Johnson 

Top right: The Beacon inducts new members 

Right: WATS water initiation 

Bottom right: Cold Cuts perform at Spring Fling 



The Student Government Association 
celebrated its fiftieth anniversary at Saint 
Mary's in 1988. In addition to its regular 
duties ot governing the student body, 
this year's S.G.A. sponsored the 
Lighting O' the Grove, the fall S.G.A. 
dance, and mixers at Carolina and State. 

Left to right: Julie Rochon, vice 
chairman of judicial board; Neely 
Barnwell, social chairman; Hope 
Edmondson, underclassmen vice 
president; McLean Bradshaw, vice 
president; Katherine Redding, 
secretary/treasurer; Jane Pattishall, 
chairman of dorm council; Elizabeth 
Stickley, chairman of judicial board; 
Anna Underwood, day student 
president; Carolyne Ljungdahl, 
student body president. 


Serenitas Veritas is a group of sophomores, who 

remain anonymous throughout the year, 

dedicated to promoting a spirit of love and 

concern in the Saint Mary's community. 

Left to right: Beth Van Dorp; Kelly Gomez; 

Luci Litaker, president; Caroline Page; 

Mandy Prince; and Lambeth Casey. 



Dorm Council is the governing body of the 
residence halls and is responsible for 
dealing with infractions of rules in the 
dormitories. Dorm Council was led this 
year by Chairman Jane Pattishall. 

Clockwise: Kathryn Swing; Dana 
Marcinak; Charlotte Bikle; Jane 
Pattishall, chairman; Arianne Stuckey; 
Hope Edmondson, secretary; Beth Cox. 


Front row: (left to right) Melissa 

Morisette, Barbara Miller, Caroline 

Stephenson; Second row: Cindy 

Jones, Anna Yeargin, Hope 

Edmondson, Meade Horton; Third 

row: Laurie Burroughs, Jane 

Pattishall, Natalie Carter, Lawson 

Armes, Laura Ann Slaughter 



The Judicial Board is responsible for 
upholding the honor system and rules of 
Saint Mary's. It deals with honor code 
violations and more serious social offenses. 
This year's chairman was Elizabeth 

Front row (left to right): Anna 
Tilghman; Avery Catts; Julia Rochon, 
vice chairman; Elizabeth Stickley, 
chairman; second row: Anna Yeargin, 
Katherine Redding, Kelly Gomez, 
Ginny Dickens; not pictured: Jennifer 


Leg. Body is made up of representatives 

elected by each class. Their purpose is to 

petition ideas that will improve Saint 

Mary's. This year's chairman was McLean 


Front row (left to right): Anna 

Underwood; McLean Bradshaw, 

chairman; Emily Kilpatrick; Mandy 

Mitchell; second row: Catherine Scott; 

Natalie Carter; Anne Pinckney; Ashley 

Scarborough; Sunday Mclean; not 

pictured: Shore Tucker, Holly Byrum. 



As the Circle symbolizes unity, so the purpose of this organization is to promote a spirit of cooperation among the 
students, and between the faculty and students, by the cultivation of high ideals of service, fellowship, citizenship, and 
scholarship, and to assist new students in finding their place in school life and activities. The Circle, founded in 1938, 
celebrated its fiftieth anniversary at Saint Mary's in 1988. 

Kim Norfleet — President 

Natalie Carter — Vice President 

Kimi Serafim — Sec/Treasurer 

Liz Fletcher 

Duffy Newman 

Lee Lee Kirkland 

Leigh McAdoo 

Kelly Gomez 

Sara Paige Fuller 

Neely Barnwell 

Meg Arey 

Olga McCoy 

Erika Grimes 

Julie Rochon 

Leigh Shuford 

Susan Johnson 

Margaret Hillman 

Lee Anne Grant 

Sallie Thorpe 

Scott Cole 

Ms. Gretchen Smith — advisor 



The Beacon is the honorary leadership organization 
of the high school. Its purpose is to promote 
school spirit, encourage cooperation in all phases of 
campus life, and support participation in 
extracurricular activities. 

Front row (left to right): Anna Yeargin; Meade 
Horton; Amy Neisler; Second Row: Ellen 
Gilbert, Joanna Conder; Sara Scott Ford, 
president; Natalie Gaskins; Third Row: Amy 
Thompson; Heather Moore; Libby Daniels; 
Joelle Doane; Not pictured: Becky Braswell, 
Anna Underwood 


Admisses is a group ot high school and 

college students who assist the admissions 

office by giving campus tours to 

prospective students. 

Front row: Dana Marcinak, Melissa 

Morrisette, Anna Tilghman, Back row: 

Kiley Wells, Sally Pridgen, Anna 


i l'-''ifcln 



The high school chapel marshals were established this year to marshal 
at high school chapel services. 

Front row: Anna Yeargin; Emily Kilpatrick; Melissa Morrisette, 
chief; Back row: Molly Flynn; Ashley Rogers; Meade Horton; 

Not pictured: Ruthi Sommers. 

The marshals are six college sophomores 
elected by the student body to usher at 
official college events such as graduation, 
chapel services, concerts and assemblies. 
They also serve as hostesses for college 
receptions throughout the year. 

Left to right: Olga McCoy; Caroline 
Page; Beth Van Dorp, Chief Marshal; 
Luci Litaker; Parker Gabrielsen, Andee 



1 he Cold Cuts stayed very busy this year 
performing tor civic events, retirement 
homes, prisons, and many Saint Mary's 
events. This year, dressed in purple and 
green. The Cold Cuts played instruments 
from the traditional bongos, sticks and 
maracas to a martini mixer and meat 
tenderizers, and sang both old favorites 
and original arrangements. 

Seated (left to right: Caroline Smith, 
Shannon Saye, Shore Tucker, Paisley 
Dietz, Luci Litaker, Lisey Wilson, 
Lambeth Casey, Mandy Prince; Middle 
row (kneeling): Caroline Page, Melanie 
Brinkley, Kim Norfleet, Sara Paige 
Fuller; Back row: Kelley Carpenter, 
Mary Lee Beasley, Meg Arey, Elizabeth 
Burnham, Melissa Koch, Harriet 
Adams, Parker Gabrielsen, Niki 

The Original Seven (left to right): Caroline 

Page; Lambeth Casey; Shore Tucker, Sec/Treas; 

Lucy Litaker, "Lil' Darlin"; Melanie Brinkley, 

President; Parker Gabrielsen; Kim Norfleet. 



Outstanding college students are selected 
for membership in Phi Theta Kappa, the 
national junior college honor society. To 
be eligible for membership, a student "shall 
be of good moral character, shall possess 
recognized qualities of citizenship, and 
shall have established academic excellence 
as judged by the faculty." 

Front row (left to right): Kelley Gomez, 
Ashland Mackie, JoAnne Leger, 
Virginia Wilkins, Back row: Miriam 
Mason, Virginia Eldridge, Mr. Lee, 
advisor, Wendy Wortham, Courtney 
O'Kelley, Kimi Lindsay; not pictured: 
Ginny Dickens, Sudie Remling 


The High School Honor Society 

serves to "recognize and encourage 

scholarship and to promote those 

qualities of character reflecting the 

best in Saint Mary's tradition." 

Front row: Stacey Coble, sec; 

Joelle Doane, pres.; Cindy Jones; 

Ruthi Sommers; second row: 

Renee DallaPozza; Beth Battle; 

Meade Horton; Libby Daniels; 

Barbara Miller, vice pres.; Hope 

Edmondson; Not pictured: Sheila 




The tour-year girls is a club of students 
who have attended Saint Mary's since 
the eleventh-grade. 

Lee Lee Kirkland, Meg Arey, Mary Lee 
Beasley, Paisley Dietz, Melanie 
Brinkley, Ashland Mackie, Doyle 
Poisson, Harriet Adams, Bobbi Lou 
Britt, Natalie Carter, Neely Barnwell, 
Rhett Lea. 

The Granddaughters Club consists of 

students who are direct descendants of 

Saint Mary's alumnae, including their 

mothers, grandmothers and 


Front row (left to right): Leah 

Cunningham, Anna Yeargin, Heather 

Moore, Anna Tilghman, Charlotte 

Bickle, Geni Wade, Arianna Stuckey, 

Natalie Carter; Second row: Melissa 

Morrisette, Helen Spruill, Meade 

Horton, Alice Boggs, Audrie Adams, 

Hunter Grogan, Laura Query; Third 

row: Pattie Maynard, Cindy Skinner, 

Caroline Smith, Lee Manuel, Betsy 

Manuel, Margaret Cheatham; Fourth 

row: Ruland Brown, Sue Jett Russler, 

Lawson Armes, Yancey Bond, Ginny 

Dickens; Not pictured: Duffy Newman, 

president; Clarke Anderson, Cris 

Austin, Janet Brown, Suzanna Brown, 

Avery Catts, Margaret Cheatham, 

Louisa Colmore, Laurie Damitz, Celia 

Dunn, Mariah Gerow, Erika Grimes, 

Kristan Harwood, Letitia Jacobs, Emily 

Kilpatrick, Ginger Latta, Rhett Lea, 

Catherine Lee, Susan Lynn, Jennifer 

Martin, Tracye O'Bannon, Sudie 

Remling, Anna Underwood, Audra 

Wetherill, Breshnaa Zalal. 





every regret, we can t tell you yet. 

Front row (left to right): Beth Stewart; Anne Marsh; 
Amy Thompson; Second row: Ashley Scarborough; Ellen 
Gilbert; Cindy Jones, treas.; Third row: Michelle Cress; 
Claire Cockrell; Natalie Gaskins; Fourth row: Mandy 
Mitchell; Jennifer Arey; Delia Lock; Top row: Mary 
Thrower; Wick Dunlap; Jennifer Martin; Not pictured: 
Catherine Schmidt, vice pres. 


The Spiders is a high school club known as 
the "Jivin' souls of Saint Mary's." While 
most clubs at Saint Mary's "walk", the j 
Spiders "Crawl." 

Front row (left to right): Stephanie 

Taylor; Celia Dunn, parliamentarian; 

Breshnaa Zalal; Audra Wetherill; Back 

row: Margaret Gowen; Elise Lillard; 

Anna Tilghman, treas.; Not pictured: 

Harvey Weeks, pres.; Janie Schweers, 

sec; Helen Spruill; Sarah McElveen; 

Anne Lassiter; Jennifer Walker; 

Elizabeth Stickley, Madam Spider. 



'«» w^»— w»» aaaa 

Wats, "We are the Spirit," is a group of college 

sophomores whose purpose is to promote school 

spirit. Their motto is "Get Lit." 

Clockwise (from bottom): Mary Virginia 

Swain, advisor; Andee Mason, president; 

Melissa Gibson, vice president; Ruland 

Brown; Katherine Norman; Kelly Piggott; 

Jane Pattishall; Kathryn Swing; Melissa 

Powell; Jennifer Wechsler; Elizabeth 

Simpson; Arianna Stuckey; Tracye 

O'Bannon; Lizz Mincey; Not pictured: 

Michelle Beuchler; Lisa Rooks; Elizabeth 

Vandiver; Elizabeth Stickley; McLean 

Bradshaw; Tracy Woolard; Lucy Ryals; 

Bobbi Lou Britt. 


'« »»«««■»»« « • • aa • , 

s s-sjii iii iSi im 



Abracadabra is a secret club for college 

Front row (left to right): McLean 
Bradshaw; Melissa Gibson; Virginia 
Wilkins; Cackie Loughlin; Middle row: 
Lambeth Casey; Beth Van Dorp; 
Jennifer Wechsler, vice president; Back 
row: Kim Norfleet; Caroline Smith; 
Lawson Armes; Parker Gabrielsen, 
president; Christie Hunsicker; Olga 



The Scoop group is known for having the 
"scoop" on other clubs around campus. 
The group is composed of both high 
school and college students. 

Front row: (Left to right): Andee 
Mason; Liz Fletcher; Melissa Gibson; 
Elizabeth Vandiver; Jennifer Wechsler; 
Olga McCoy; Tracye O'Bannon; Laura 
Lassiter; Sallie Thorpe; Tracy Morgan; 
Elizabeth Allen; Second row: Sarah 
McElveen; Cackie Loughlin; Susan 
Johnson; Bobbit Britt, pres.; Liz 
Stickley; Sunshine Piggott; Amy 
Neisler; Sara Scott Ford; Charlotte 
Bikle; Heather Moore; Back row: 
Travis Brady; Kathryn Falls; Stella 


MAPS is a secret club for college 

Seated (left to right): Elizabeth 

Vandiver; Beth Van Dorp, pres.; Kelly 

Piggott, vice pres.; Standing: Liz 

Fletcher; Melissa Gibson; Katherine 

Norman; Tracye O'Bannon; Jennifer 

Wechsler; Bobbie Britt; Ruland Brown; 

Leigh Shuford. 




The vestry is the student advisory body of the 
chapel. The vestry is composed of high school 
and college students and work together with 
the chaplain. 

Front row: Molly Flynn; Leah 
Cunningham, junior warden; Anna 
Yeargin; Second row: Luci Litaker; 
Parker Gabrielsen; Kathryn Cloninger; 
Third row: Virginia Eldridge; Meade 
Horton; Fourth row: Elizabeth Dixon; 
Lawson Armes, senior warden; Sally 
Pridgen; Jennifer Joyce. 


The acolytes assist the chaplain during 
chapel services by lighting the candles and 
carrying the flags for each service. 

Front row: Amy Wehrung; Alisa Evans; 
Amanda Stout; Ellen Gilbert; Second 
row: Marcia Mooring, college 
president; Heather Moore; Lizzie Bull; 
Amy Neisler; Third row: Anne 
Pinckney; Mary Lee Beasley; Helen 
Spruill; Fourth row: Laurie Burroughs; 
Meade Horton, high school pres.; Pat 
Gillam; Jennifer Downey; Not 
pictured: Margaret Cheatham. 



The lay readers assist in chapel services by 
reading the lessons and psalms. 

Front row: Melanie Brinkley; Anne 
Pinckney; Ellen Gilbert; Amy K. 
Wehrung; Leah Cunningham, high 
school pres.; Laura Query; Marcia 
Mooring; Second row: McLean 
Bradshaw; Dena Angel Blount; Meade 
Horton, Heather Moore; Angela Sutton 
Melissa Morrisette; Not pictured: 
Parker Gabrielsen, college pres.; Ginny 



The Altar Guild is a group of students 

whose responsibility is to prepare tor the 

altar service. 

Front row: Lee Manuel; Ashley Rogers; 

Harvey Weeks; Janie Schweers, Sec; 

Catherine Schmidt, vice pres.; Mandy 

Mitchell; Delia Lock; Barclay Ratcliff; 

Second row: Betsy Manuel; Mary Scott 

Parsley; Molly Flynn; Ashley Langley; 

Elizabeth Williamson; Not pictured: 

Virginia Eldridge; Laura Thiele. 



The chapel volunteers is a group of 
students who do volunteer community 
service work at various institutions in the 
Raleigh area, such as the Frankie Lemmon 
School. They work under the direction of 
the chaplain. 

Front row: Betsy Manuel; Marcia 
Mooring; Lee Manuel; Second row: 
Ellen Gilbert; Alisa Evans; Elizabeth 
Williamson; Kerrie Strickler. 


Saint Mary's Covenant House group raises 

money for the local chapter of Covenant 

House, a national organization that 

provides "safe houses" for runaway 

teenagers in large cities. The first Covenant 

House was founded by a Roman Catholic 

priest in New York City. 

Front row: Monica McClain; Carlisle 
Herbert, pres.; Laura Wyrick; Second 
row: Su-Pei Siew; Laura Ann Slaughter; 
Caroline Stephenson. 




The Belles is the student newspaper of Saint Mary's. 

This year, the Belles was published on a regular basis 

and featured campus news, feature articles, and student 

editorials. The newspaper was published under the 

direction of editor Ashland Mackie and advisor Dr. 

Michael Schroeder. 

Clockwise: Lisa Morris, Beth Battle, Heather Moore, 

Christie Hoffstedder, Jennifer Mason; Not pictured: 

Sheri Roberson, Caroline Stephenson. 


The Muse is the literary magazine of Saint 
Mary's which is published annually and 
serves as a forum for students to share 
their creative efforts through art, 
photography, short stories and poetry. This 
year's editor was Ann Yancey and the 
advisor was Anna Wooten-Hawkins. 

Front row: Caroline Stephenson, Ginger 
Latta, Ann Yancey, Elizabeth Leach; 
Second row: Laura Ann Slaughter, 
Virginia Wilkins, Laura Thiele, Heather 
Moore, Katherine Norman, Betsy 



The Stagecoach is the Saint Mary's 

yearbook, which serves as an historical and 

pictorial record of a year in the life of 

Saint Mary's. 

Front row: Dana Marcinak, Ashley 

Langley, Tacy Slater; Second row: Beth 

Battle, Anna Tilghman, Hope 

Edmondson, Anna Yeargin, Melissa 

Morrisette; Back row: Christie 

Hoffstedder, Duffy Newman, Meredith 

Beaver, Virginia Wilkins; Not pictured: 

Ginny Dickens, Laura Thiele, Kelly 

Piggott, Julie Marjenhoff, Caroline 

Page, Mary Leigh Currin, Jennifer 

Wechsler, Neely Barnwell, Susie 

Thompson, Liz Stickley, Sheri 

Roberson, Mary Virginia Swain — 




The Chorale and Ensemble are made up of 
student vocalists who perform at special 
events and inconcerts throughout the year. 

Front row: Polly Ray, Megan Craig, 
Laura Nutter, Mandy Prince, Angie 
Smith, Kimberly Sutton; Second row: 
Scott Cole, Molly Flynn, Beth Van 
Dorp, Liz Fletcher, Melissa Gibson. 



The Gillie Callum dancers perform the 
traditional dances of Scotland. They perform on 
and off campus throughout the year. 

Left to right: Marcia Mooring, Vice-President; 
Elizabeth Leach; Caroline Page, President; Not 
Pictured: Lauren Black; Erika Grimes; Holly 


Orchesis, an advanced dance group, is for 

those students who have shown interest 

and talent in the fields of ballet, jazz and 

modern dance. This group studies 

choreography and dance techniques as well 

as performing during Parents' Weekend 

and Spring Festival. 

Front row: Misty Owens; Natalie 

Southworth; Anna Brooks; Laura 

Lassiter; Back row: Sue Jette Russler; 

Kathy Sheftall; Michelle Beuchler; 

Lisey Wilson. 



Caperettes is the advanced tap dance group. It 
performs at both Parents' Weekend and Spring 

Front row: Jarrett Taylor; Barbara Miller; Tracy 
Woolard, Secretary; Second row: Anna 
Humphreys; Chris Hundley; Love Noe; Becky 
Braswell; Melissas Morisette, President; Not 
pictured: Hope Edmondson; Caroline Kelley; 
Michelle Beuchler, Treasurer. 


The Sea Saints is a synchronized swimming club. 

Bottom to top: McLean Bradshaw, Secretary; 

Mimi Engel, Vice-President; Jennifer Mason; 
Harriet Adams; Sarah Adams; Shelle 
Stoughton, President; Johnsie Kemp. 

Above: The 1988 and 1989 S.G.A. after inductions 
in the chapel 

Top right: WATS and Circle end the year with a 
joint party 

Right: Circle takes Lee Lee 

Bottom right: M — A — P — S — shhhhh! 

Bottom left: Twenty strong! 



Left: Abracadabra — the chosen few. 

Middle left: The 1989 Original Seven Cold Cuts — Before 

Middle right: The Original Seven — After 

Bottom left: The WATS get Pepe 

Bottom right: Circle picks the best 



BEgfc **<* 



Beacon inducts new members 


Undatettes sell fortunes at Spring Fling 

Undatettes strut on 


Top left: Cindy Jones on the Undatette hotline 

Top right: The Spiders are crawling 

Left: 12th-graders give llth-graders a hard time 

Bottom left: Beacon walks 

Bottom right: Undatettes take a new member 





The college tennis team capped off a 
winning season by capturing the 
championship at the North Carolina 
Women's College Tournament held at 
Salem College in April. It was the fifth 
consecutive year Saint Mary's had won the 
tournament. Mami Harada, Dutty 
Newman, and Lee Lee Kirkland were 
individual champions in their singles flights 
and Lee Lee Kirkland and Margaret 
Hillman teamed up tor a championship in 
their doubles flight. 

Front row (left to right): Duffy 
Newman, co-captain; Julie Butler; Lee 
Lee Kirkland, co-captain; Mami Harada; 
Back row: Mary Lou Jones, coach; 
Cathy Fletcher; Janet Brown; Margaret 
Hillman; Elizabeth Powers; Deedee 
Greene; Mimi LaMuraglia; Not 
pictured: Ginny Dickens. 


.'MBl'-'IAII 1511 5 IKI | 

Left to right: Mary Virginia Green, 

Katherine Cloninger, Amy Wehrung, 

Barclay Ratcliff, Lizzie Bull, Wick 

Dunlap, Atta Raoufian, Stacey Coble — 

manager, Coach Jones. 



Bottom row: Jean Surles, Katherine 
Johnson, Jill Gwaltney, Lisa Brudenell; 
Second row: Robyn Goss, Cari Hodges, 
Beth Battle; Top row: Lisa Morris, 
Harriet Adams 


Front row: Beth Battle; Michelle Cress; 

April Browne; Second row: Mary 

Thrower, co-captain; Coach Alexander; 

Not pictured: Jennifer Brooks, 

co-captain; Sally Pridgen. 




- %^ 



Sara Scott Ford; Kris Adams; Ali Tew; 
Leah Cunningham; Travis Brady; 
Katherine Cloninger; Cindy Ross; 
Second row: Becky Braswell, 
co-captain; Jennifer Downey; Beth 
Battle; Anne Marsh; Helen Spruill; 
Amy Thompson, co-captain; Claire 
Cockrell; Alice Boggs; Lisa 
Svendsgaard; Audrie Adams; Not 
pictured: Audra Wetherill; Heather 
Currie; Kiley Wells; Carolyn Bullock; 
Meade Horton. 


Front row: Audrie Adams; Lisa Brown; 

Geni Wade; Lisa Svendsgaard; Coach 

Rosanne Dugger; Second row: Amy 

Parrott; Alisa Evans; Ginny James; 

Ashley Langley; Elizabeth Williamson. 



Front row: Meade Horton; Becky 
Braswell, co-pres.; Leah Cunningham; 
Back row: Beth Battle, co-pres.; 
Shannon Saye; Harriet Adams. 

Top: Cari Hodges drives in for a lay-up. 

Right: Duffy doesn't seem to be having much luck at 








Top left: Lee Lee Kirkland and Duffy Newman 
team up for doubles 

Top right: Heather Currie waits to return a serve 

Left: Audra Wetherill takes aim for the goal 

Bottom left: Sea Saints perform for the student 

Bottom right: Lee Lee and Duffy accept the N.C. 
Women's College Tennis Tournament 
championship trophy 

.-"•*■;• - :•«■ "'»-— 'Ja&. 




tV*~"r a- 


•Is-Pe** ^ 


^* p - '^^9t^B 

WM .. ' "WJ 





l^ J\y 

j , 


* : ;- 




1 1 







Top left: Mr. Conrad plays Santa 

Top right: Dr. Esthimer enjoys the SGA dance 

Left: Mr. Tate prepares to meet the Queen in 

Bottom left: Alisa is surrounded by two pretty 
important guys — Santa and the Pres. 

Bottom right: Mrs. Adams enjoys dinner with 
some Circle members 





Joyce Johnson 
Secretary to the Dean of the College 

Betty Bell 

Faculty Secretary 

Margie L. Johnson 

Switchboard Receptionist 

Faye Fussell 

Administrative Assistant to the President 

Angela Bridgers 
Assistant, President's Office 



Marj Jenkins 

Director of Residence Life 

Beth Eddy 

Professional Counselor 

Rosalene Metzger 

Secretary to the Dean of Students 

Housemothers: front row: Jackie Johnson, Margaret Selph; Second 
row: Helen Godwin, Bobbie Ward, Michelle Weaver, Tandy Deese, 
Betty Deese, Frances ("Ma") Bell. 

John Wester 

Dean of Students 



Jennette C. Herbert 
Director of Admissions 

Gretchen Smith 
Director of Financial Aid 

Scotty Roof, Elizabeth Patteson 
Associate Dir. of Admissions 
Assistant Dir. of Admissions 

Selden Gray 

Admissions Counselor 

Debbie Edwards 

Computer Specialist 

Barbara King 
Admissions Secretary 



Terry Berg-Hayden 

Computer System Manager 

Marjorie Maddrey 

Accounting Supervisor 

Bernard W. Conrad 

Business Manager 

Pat Del Sapio 
Bookkeeper, Student Accounts 

Saundra Doby 


Alice Hunter 

Mailroom Supervisor 



Henry Read 

Director of Development 

Tad Wyman 
Alumnae Director 


.... ♦?*•.<*'.. 4°' 

Mary Virginia Swain 
Director of College Relations 

Scott Hall 
Director or Annual Giving 


Pat Hilliard 
Capital Campaign Coordinator 

Kathy Wall 
Resource Coordinator 

Martha White 
Records Supervisor 

Alice Sarola 
Sec. to Dir. of Development 

Molly Nance 
Sec. to Alumnae Dir. 



Barbara Bunch 
Guidance Director 

Carolyn Hicks 

Career and Transfer Counselor 

Donna Spurrier Johnson 
Guidance Office Sec. 


Betty Petway 


Suzanne Schmidt 
Registrar's Sec. 

Anne Soles 

Registrar's Sec. 


Martha Smith 

Head Librarian 


Library staff, left to right: Mary Pearson, Christine Thomson, Gloria Graham, 
Sarah Johnson, Young-He Richards, Kay Durden, Martha Smith; Not 
pictured: Chris Benshfoff 


The Rev. Janet C. Watrous 

Norma Jean Myers, Nurse 
Not pictured: Doris Stallings, Nurse 



Windel Crawley 

Carolyn Whitaker 

Sec, Housekeeping 

Hiram Fuller 

Supervisor, Maintenance Dept. 

Housekeeping Staff 



Brady Murphy 

Mary Stewart McLamb 
Asst. Director 


Pearl Johnson 





■ : ■'; 


Dr. Kenneth Guilmart 

Chair, Foreign Languages 

Nicole Hagan 
Professor of Foreign Languages 

Karen Johnson Hillman 

Asst. Professor of Spanish 



Betty Adams 
Chair, Art Dept. 

Ellen Anderson 
Asst. Professor of Art 


Terry Thompson 
Chair, Music Department 

Emmett Windham 

Asst. Professor of Music 



Janice C. Swab 
Chair, Science Department 

Alice Z. Greiner 

Asst. Professor of Chemistry 

Georgette Campbell 

Assoc. Prof., Biology 

Phillip Cox 

Lab Instructor 

Myra Halpin 
Asst. Prof., Science 



Ellen Birch 
Chair, Math Department 

Arthur McRae 

Asst. Prof., Mathematics 

Dana Jenkins 

Asst. Prof., Mathematics 

Diane Johnson 

Instructor of Math 

Barbara Elliott 
Asst. Prof., Math 



John Hume 

Chair, Social Studies 

Joe Caddell 

Asst. Prof*., History 

Karen Kalmar Johnson 
Asst. Prof., History 

Carolyn Happer, Rebecca Bach 
Asst. Prof., History; Assoc. Prof"., Sociology 

Sandra Peters 




Wylie S. Quinn 
Chair, Religion Department 

Steven Esthimer 
Assoc. Prof., Religion 

Roger Lee 

Instructor of Religion 



Thomas Bauso 

Chair, English Department 

John U. Tate, Jr. 

Professor of English 

Rebecca Gunn 

Asst. Prof., English 


Michael Schroeder 

Assc. Prof., English 

Margaret Grissom 
Asst. Prof., English 

Anna Wooten-Hawkins, Joan Battle 

Asst. Professors, English 

Margaret O'Shaughnessey 

Instructor of English 



Mary Lou Jones 
Chair, Physical Education Dept. 

Mary Lida Alexander 
Asst. Prof., Physical Education 

Rozann Dugger 
Instructor, Physical Education 

Johnsie Currin Kemp 
Instructor, Physical Education 



Sophomore Class Officers: 
(left to right) Liz Fletcher, 
Secretary/Treasurer; Natalie 
Carter, Vice President; Leigh 
McAdoo, President; Kelly 
Gomez, J-Board 
Representative; and Shore 
Tucker, Leg. Body 


Harriet Adams 

Meg Arey 

Neely Barnwell 

Mary Lee Beasley 

Meredith Beaver 

Michelle Beuchler 

Anna Blakeney 

McLean Bradshaw 

Melanie Brinkley 


W *^"^JS| 

fflr »• '*aFS-, 

&'-• m&m 

% • - ■ ^ '■'''' 

^ *^* Jj| 

Elizabeth Burnham 
Ainsley Cardinal 


Megan Craig 
Melissa Crowder 
Paisley Dietz 


Suzanne Emery 

Mimi Engel 

Nicole Eubanks 

Liz Fletcher 

Michelle Forester 

H • 


Carolyn Forester 


Luci Litaker's Cold Cut initiation sure looks nutritious 

Sarah Page Fuller 

Kathryn VanAusdall — Obscene phone caller? 

Erika Grimes 
Margaret Hambrick 
Amy Hancock 

Courtney Hanks 
Mary Hobby 
Sally Holton 

Elizabeth King 

Lee Lee Kirkland 

Corinne Kirksey 




wt- ' ' -^t0B 


W **•• *Jfl 



■ <* r^B 



-i 1, 

K 'j|H 




Melissa Koch 
Rhett Lea 
Elizabeth Leach 

• ^(fc^^^ 

1 ,i y 


Luci Litaker 


Marcia Mooring and Michelle Forester 

'iv.L,.K \f , 1 

H *-\f 7V/T -ji rr* m <i c 

Fficrh An -.lnrl Iv'-ithrvn h.ivp -.» (WlflOTfifr fimp 

Lee Manuel 
Andrea Mason 
Leigh McAdoo 

Olga McCoy- 

Elizabeth Mincy 
Marcia Mooring 

Duffy Newman 
Kimberly Norfleet 
Katherine Norman 

What have these girls been up 



Laura Nutter 
Tracye O'Bannon 
Caroline Page 

Jane Pattishall 

Kelly Piggott 

Susan Poisson 

Melissa Powell 
Amanda Prince 
Polly Ray 

Lambeth Casey, Marti 
Roberson and Luci 


Katherine Redding 

Marti Roberson 

Julie Rochon 

Lisa Rooks 

Susana Saputra 

Shannon Saye 

Courtney Scott 

Elizabeth Leach winds 

up on the short end of 

the stick. 



Left: Tracey Woolard 
and Melissa Powell 
prepare to hit the road 

Top: Show us those legs, 

Above: Arianna Stuckey 
and Kelley Gomez 


Is it Alvin and Theodore? No, just Leigh Shuford and 
Melissa Powell. 

Melissa Gibson, Laura Taylor, Andee Mason and Liz Fletcher 


Mary Staton 


Laura Taylor 
Kathryn Swing 





HB^j^^^FjeSI^ "''Sfc^^K 

■ % 




_ & X'^ 



Kelly Tannery 
Martha Thompson 
Shore Tucker 

Luci, Marti and Kelly Gomez — ing around 

" and Peace 


Jennifer Wechsler 

Virginia Wilkins 

Lisey Wilson 

Top: Three blind mice: Melissa 

Gibson, Andee Mason and Liz 

Fletcher at the KA Halloween party 

Right: Olga McCoy finds an easier 
way to get around campus 

Wendy Wortham 
Stephanie Yelton 
Masami Taneda 

Left: Julie Rochon and Kelly Gomez 

Bottom left: Julie Rochon, Luci 
Litaker and Katherine Redding enjoy 
a weekend away from SMC 

Bottom right: Duffy Newman, 
Natalie Carter and Kimi Serafim — 
three Penick buddies 





£V» hm &t 

Freshman Class Officers: President Lawson 
Armes, Vice President Sunday McLean, 
and Secretary/Treasurer Julie Stubbs 


See no evil; speak no evil, hear 

no evil? * 

Cameron Brownlow 
and Lawson Armes 

Akiko Aimono 
Elizabeth Allen 
Anna Anderson 

Mary Andrews 

Lawson Armes 

Cris Austin 


Michelle Baba 
Elizabeth Bivens 
Dena Blount 

Gillian Boatright 
Louise Boucher 
Heather Bradley 
Kristen Brooks 


Lisa Brudenell and Allison Smith 


Janet Brown 

Cameron Brownlow 

Lisa Brudenell 

Kristen Brundage 

Stephanie Burkhart 

Julie Butler 
Tracey Carithers 


Amy Perry and Sb 

Frances Chong 

H' Carrie Cooke 


I ff, I Scot. Cole 

%F*E B 







Amy Perry and Sallie Thorpe 



Dreaming of 

someone special, 


Leslie Covington 

Mary Leigh Curren 

Luann Curry 

Tammy Davis 
Meghan Denny 
Ginny Dickens 


Susann Eames 

Jennifer Joyce 

^HWrtBP^'lf' '^1 

; \ WK ** '**^Wi 

JM& > ~j> A 

K : '■■■'■••': 

1 J 1 .Tmrn^M^M 


€*B^ ^ 



f 1 f ' ' ^Vm 

^* T <Mk\ 


x 4 

. _ ■»* 

k* - jm/fw 1 - 

i Jimk 



Elizabeth Dixon 
Nikki Durand 
Liz Ann Earnhardt 

Kiki Eason 
Virginia Eldridge 
Cheryl Emery 


Dara Evans 

Katherine Falls 

Jennifer Ferro 

Elisabeth Flourney 

Mariah Gerow 

Lee Anne Grant 

Deedee Green 
Ginny Griffin 
Jill Gwaltney 

Mami Harada 

Margaret Hillman 

Lesa Ann Hocutt 




m "i 

K 1 

' . v _^* 

Vl , Jt j ^ 






Louise Hogan 
Ikuyo Haoshino 
Christina Hunsicker 

Tricia Jenkins 
Ivey Johnson 
Susan Johnson 

Jennifer Joyce 
Jennifer Keys 
Laura Lassiter 

Pam Laurent 
Jenny Lear 
kimi Lindsay 


Cackie Loughlin 
Wendy MacKinnon 

Lynne Mann 

Michele Maroon 

Miriam Mason 

Pattie May 

nard p,> ,,••."* ..,■; .Tmii .i 

If- mm\ 

Laura Mcintosh 

Jenny McLain 

Sunday McLean 

Mary Beth McLean 

Anna Mcdinger 

Kristie Melvin 


Katie Miller 
Caroline Newton 
Connie Ng 

Love Noe 

Akira Ogawa 

1 Jenny 


Misty Owens 
Ann Pate 
Marbury Patrick 

Amy Perry 
Anne Pickney 
Lyn Phillips 


Elizabeth Powers 

Kara Purvis 

Laura Query 

Cindy Rasmussen 

Sudie Remling 

Ginny Robinson 

I 7 

Hold that smile, girls! 

Mandy Schoch 

Karen Sista 


Robbie Shannonhouse 
Leslie Shepard 
Sarah Shuler 

Angie Smith 
Anna Smith 
Allison Smith 

\ - \ 

• v • ¥ 

■6 ■■■ 

Stephanie Smith, Julie Stubbs and 
Cindy Rasmussen on their way to 


Stephanie Smith 

Jill Sparks 

Lillie Spurrier 


fr\\ ' v, : 



Jennifer Stone 

Shelle Stoughton 

Julie Stubbs 

Jean Surles 

Kimberly Sutton 

Jarrett Taylor 

Angie Thompson 

Susie Thompson 

Sallie Thorpe 


Martha Townsend 

Left: Now we know Mary Leigh's and Susan's beauty 

Below: Scott and Mary Leigh put the finishing 
touch on their beauty treatment 

Brigitte Vanderlinden 

Ashleigh Vick 

Liles Waddill 

Amy Wells 

Amy Wiggins 

Karen Worthington 

Elizabeth Yancy 

Clarke Anderson 

Jenny Alford 

Julie Adams 


Twelfth Grade Officers: (left to right) Molly Flynn, President; Mandy 
Mitchell, Vice President; Travis Brady, Sec/Treasurer; Emily Kilpatrick and 
Holly Byrum, Leg. Body Reps; Laurie Burroughs, Residence Halls Council 
Reps, (Not pictured: Beth Cox, Anna Yeargin and Anna Tilghman.) 


Kris Adams 

Sarah Adams 

Jennifer Arey 

On a carousel: Helen Spruill and Emily Kilpatrick 

e Circle/Beacon Christmas pari 

The Spiders have crawled! 


April Browne 
Lisa Brown 
Lizzie Bull 

Right: Anna Tilghman takes a break 
from the "Cooler King" to give 
roomie Melissa Morrisette a hug. 

Right top: Ellen Gilbert and Alisa 

Right bottom: Mary Scott Parsley, 
Catherine Schmidt, Angie Powell and 
Sara Scott enjoy a break between 

Barbara Bryant 

Laurie Burroughs 

Holly Byrum 


Leigh Anne Champion 
Brette Clark 
Stacey Coble 

enny Crowder 

Michelle Cress 

Jenny Crowder 

Leah Cunningham 

Beth Currie 

Heather Currie 

Luann Curry 

Kathryn Curtis 

Renee DallaPozza 

Laurie DaMitz 

' : 

1 " j^IlSt ' ^| 

£B& *•? fl& 

r T 





H flv «» 


^ V 


\ **isc»l una 


Mary Thrower, 
Yancey Bond, Cindy 
Jones, Beth Stewart, 
and Ashley Cone. 

Libby Daniels 
Alix Defouloy 
Joelle Doanne 

Debby Donnalley 
Celia Dunn 
Wick Dunlap 

Hope Edmondson 
Alisa Evans 
Molly Flynn 


Sara Scott Ford 

Natalie Gaskins 

Ellen Gilbert 

Atta Raoufian, Anna Tilghman and Jennifer 
Arey are all smiles. 

Sarah Adams, Pat Gillam, Helen Spruill and Heather 
Currie decorate First West Smedes for Halloween. 


Kristy Gregory 
Mary Gressette 
Laura Griffin 

Velinda Haggard 
Cindy Hauber 
Mary Haynes 

Beth Battle, Hollis Roberts, Amy Wehrung and Lizzie Bui 


Hope Edmondson helps roomie Barbara Miller celebrate 
her Birthday! 

Cherie Johnson 
Cindy Jones 
Gina Keller 


mm ^ % 

» r-— tt 

Hi '■'■ 



Caroline Kelley 
Emily Kilpatrick 
Anne Lassiter 

Ginger Latta 
Elise Lillard 
Delia Lock 


Top: Study-bug Anna Yeargin 

Right: Saturday in the park: Emily Kilpatrick, 
Anne Lassiter, Catherine Lee, Heather Moore, 
Heather Currie, Meade Horton and Helen Spruill 


Anne Marsh 
Jennifer Martin 
Sarah McEIveen 

Virginia McGratty 

Barbara Miller 

Mandy Mitchell 

Heather Moore 

Melissa Morrisette 

Amy Neisler 

Colleen O'Neil 

Lydia Ogletree 

Mary Scott Parsley 


1 h -*^ 

■^ v I '*~~~^ Mfif 




| *^ /SrWSB^ 

■ v^.. JBp 



Debi Pavlik 
Jennifer Pinsak 
Angie Powell 

dia Ogletree, Cindy Jones and Lawson Armes at the Circle/Beacon 
ristmas party 

Elizabeth Davis, Anne Marsh, Jennifer Walker and 
Stephanie Taylor 


Susan Rivers 
Hollis Roberts 
Ashley Rogers 

Janie Schweers 

Ruthi Sommers 

Kim Sorrells 

Mary Ellen 

Beth Stewart 

Amanda Stout 

Tootie Strain 

Stephanie Taylor 

Ali Tew 


Ashley Scarborough 
Catherine Schmidt 
Helen Spruill 

Top left: Heather Currie and Meade Horton adrift on a 
paddleboat at Pullen Park 

Bottom left: First West Smedes celebrates their hall Christmas 
party at the Rockola Cafe 

Top: Anna Yeargin, Lydia Ogletree, Ashley Cone, Anna 
Tilghman, Barbara Miller, Hope Edmondson and Carolyne 
Ljungdahl take a road trip 


Amy Thompson 

KT Tierney 

Anna Tilghman 

Mary Thrower 

Anna Underwood 

Jennifer Walker 

Harvey Weeks 

Amy Wehrung 

Audra Wetherill 

Anna Liese 

Anna Yeargin 



Eleventh grade officers (picture unavailable): President — 
Catherine Scott; Vice President — Heather Solomon; 
Secretary/Treasurer — Letitia Jacobs; Residence Halls Council — 
Dana Marcinak and Charlotte Bikle; Leg. Body representatives - 
Anna Brooks and Kiley Wells; Judicial Board representatives — 
Jennifer Downey and Mary Virginia Green. 


Letitia Jacobs * 

and Anna 


Audrie Adams 

Alyse Armfield 

Laura Baker 

Charlotte Bikle 

Alice Boggs 

Travis Brady 

Jade Brannock 
Anna Brooks 
Tracy Chandler 

Katherine Cloninger 
Louisa Colmore 
Becky Covert 

Bandana Coneheads: Geni Wade and Audrie Adams 

Melissa Elliot 


Juliet Coward 

Beth Cranford 

Gina Crow- 

Heath Dalton 

Jennifer Downey 

Melissa Elliotte 

Alyse Armfield, Heath Dalton and Sally Pridgen climb 
a stately oak 



Elizabeth Ellis 

Kathryn Falls 

| BJf 

Nap time at SMC 

Melanie French 
Leslie Galloway 
Robyn Goss 


Mary Virginia Green 

Ashley Griffin 

Christy Hall 

Shelley Harris 

Marianne Harrell " 

Cary Hodges 

Top: Becky Covert pigs out for Halloween 
Above: Sloan Folkes and Carolyn Bullock 


Eleventh graders at the Lighting of 
the Grove 

Anna Humphrey 
Christine Hundley 
Letitia Jacobs 

Ginny James 
Katherine Johnson 
Stella Keller 

D'Lynn Lovette 
Dana Marcinak 
Jennifer Mason 


Monica McClain 

Allison Nanninga 

Liz Nicholas 

Amy Parrott 

Michelle Plauche 

Sally Pridgen 

Sheri Roberson 

Cindy Ross 

Rae Russell 

Sue Jett Russler 

' ''"^"""W 


Br ,fl 


^ ~ ■* A 


K' Jm 

s> Jr| 

3m IHi 

^m Jl ■^l\ ' ^1 

■^ wl 

IsL*?T~ "Wv Jl^B 

•*'* * •"'"JsLsfjSfl ? /■ 6 : 9B 

^B /~* * Iff 


■ 'A 

SjrT 8 ? ' ^^ 

1 i 

H ^1 

^MKg^JMr^ - ~ gLj'iT^ ■, ■ 

Catherine Scott 
Kathy Sheftall 
Harriet Sherald 

Nicole Shope 

Tacy Slater 


' r 

Top left: Ready to hit the town: 
Carolyn Bullock, Sloan Folkes, 
Elizabeth Ellis, Katherine Cloninger, 
and Allison Nanninga. 

Left: Elizabeth Allen and Sallie 
Thorpe cool off at the ice rink. 


Cindy Ross and Angela Sutton 

Geni Wade 



Lee Wheeler 

Is that a fly in my soup 


Kiley Wells 


Laura Wyrick 


Husseys they're not — Sally 

Pridgen and Heath Dalton just 

want a ride in that pickup truck 

Above: Tacy Slater and Su-Pei Siew 
Right: "This is going to be the ugliest picture I've ever taken" 



1970 — 1987 

Catherine Flippen 

Mary Virginia Green and Catherine 




Kristie Hoffstedder, Su-Pei Siew, Ashley Langley and Mary Catherine 

Friends are hard to hang onto, 
so Su-Pei Siew and Ashley 
Langley stay close together. 

Lisa Morris enjoys a 
spring day in the grove. 

Tenth-graders at Saint Mary's are a special breed. Each possesses an 
interesting talent tht makes them unique. Most of them came to Saint 
Mary's to take advantage of early graduation or to strengthen their 
educational backgrounds. Saint Mary's is fortunate to have this outstanding 
group of students and these tenth-graders are lucky to have found a place 
as homelike as Saint Mary's. 





•i i 


fv jB S 

;. Carlyle Herbert 

h u Kristie Hoffstedder 

Carolyn Bullock 
Jennifer Colberson 
Mary Catherine Earnest 

Ashley Langley 
Mari Lucas 

Lisa Morris 
Su-Pei Siew 



Tenth Grade 

Bullock, Carolyn Louise 

P.O. Box 462 
Knightdale, NC 27545 
Culberson, Jennifer Robin 
3721 Williamsborough Ct. 
Raleigh, N.C 27609 
Earnest, Mary Catherine 
107 Woodland Dr. 
waynesville, NC 28786 
Herbert, Sarah Carlyle 
1919 Reid St. 
Raleigh, N.C 

Hoffsredder, Kristie Mirhele 
11209 Sedgefield Dr 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 
Langley, Ashley E. 
3709 Woodlawn Rd 
Rocky Mount, NC 2780-1 
Lucas, Man Cochram 
11 30 Quilling Rd. 
Matthews, N.C 28105 
Morris, Elizabeth Anne 
[424 Canterbury Rd 
Raleigh. NC 27608 
Slew, Su-Pei 

529 Hillsborough St. # H-7 
Chapel Hill, N.C 2751-1 


Adams, Audne Love 
1602 Heathcliff Road 
High Point. N.C 27260 
Armfield, Alyse Davant 
P.O. Box 809 Laurel Lane 
Blowing Rock, N.C. 28605 
Bikle, Charlotte Thorpe 
2304 Quail Rd 
Wilson, N.C. 27893 
Boggs, Alice Harrison 
206 E. Brook Run Dr 
Richmond, Va. 2 3233 
Brannock, Jade E. 
10712 Trego Trail 
Raleigh, NC 27614 
Bntt. Mary R 
5 15 Rosewood Dr 
Sm.thfield, N.C 27577 
Brooks, Anna Harryman 
303 Sliding Hill Rd 
Cheraw, SC 29520 
Chandler, Tracy Patricia 
9 Morning Marsh Rd 
Savannah, Ga. 314 I I 
Oonioger, [Catherine Boren 
l >02 Huntsford Terrace 
Thomasville, N.C 27360 
Colmore, Louisa H. 
Route 2, Box 402 
Rismgfawn. Ga. J0738 
Covert, Rebecca Louise 

1502 Rogers Rd 
Graham, N.C. 27253 
Coward, Juliet Flair 

Route 1. Mount Gilead 

Murrells Inlet, SC. 29576 
Crow, Gina Suzanne 

700 Lakeshore Dr 

Bennettsv.lle. SC 29512 

Dalton, Heath C. 

606 Waynick Blvd. Box 8101 

Wnghtsville Beach. N C 28480 

Dobson, Ruth T. 

215 N. Second Street 

Smithfield, N.C 27577 

Downey, Jennifer Leigh 

3313 Boulder Ct. 

Raleigh, NC 27607 

Elliotc, Melissa Voncile 

5616 Wmthrop Dr. 

Raleigh. NC. 2761? 

Ellis, Elizabeth Wilson 
5321 Studeley Ave 
Norfolk, Va. 23508 
Falls, Kathryn Jenkins 
PO Box 1687 
Kilmarnock, Va. 
Field, Davin Stuart 
4306 Kanawha Ave S E. 
Charleston, W Va. 25304 
Folkes, Sloan Stewart 
1948 Crooked Creek Dr. 
Charlotte, N.C 28211 
French, Melanic- I. 
2106 Bolsover 
Houston, Tx. 77005 
Galloway, Leslie E. 
2103 S. Hesperides 
Tampa, Fla. 33629 
Goss, Rohyn E. 
6933 Glendower Rd 
Raleigh. N.C. 27612 
Green, Mary Virginia 
2201 Canal Dr 
Wilson. N C 27893 
Griffin, Ashley Davis 

135 Burlington St 

Holden Beach, N.C. 28462 
Grogan, Elizabeth H. 

1311 Sycamore Square Dr 

Midlothian, Va 23113 

Hall, Christine Lambert 

P.O. Box 2947 

Knoxville. Tenn 37901 

Harrell, Marianne E. 

PO Box 66 

Plymouth, NC 27962 

Harris, Shelley Elaine 

501 Oakdale Dr 

Ayden. NC. 28513 

Hodges, Gary Harden 

12 36th Ave. N.W. 

Hickory, NC 28601 

Humphrey, Anna Plair 

P.O. Box 1014. Satchwell 

Burgaw. N.C 28425 

Hundley, Christine E. 

PO Box 66 

Boydcon. Va. 23917 

Jacobs, Margaret Letitia 

H 10 Bromley Lane 

Richmor.d, Va. 2 3221 

James, Virginia Allen 

P.O. Box 68 

Mt Pleasanr.SC 28124 

Johnson, (Catherine Ashley 

330 17th Ave N W 

Hickory, N C 

Keller, Estella Marlene 

1803 N Lumina Ave 

Wnghtsville Beach. N C 28480 

King. Donna Elaine 

2532 White Oak Rd 

Raleigh. N.C 27609 

Marcinak, Dana E 

9916 Highway 17 North 

McClellanv.lle. SC 29458 
Mason, Jennifer L. 
14108 Wyndfield Circle 

Raleigh, NC 27614 
McCIain, Monica 

Route 2, Box 75-F 
Holly Springs, NC 27540 
Nanninga. Alison Stuart 
20 East 49th St 
Savannah, Ga 31405 
Nicholas, Elizabeth Ellen 
755 Londans Dr 
Atlanta, Ga. 3034 3 
Norwood, Vivian Lyn 
1905 Sinking Creek Rd 

Johnson Ciry. Tenn. 37604 
Parrott, Amy C 
412 Bruce Dr 
Camden. S C 29020 

Plauche, Michelle Renee 
7 Carriage Hill 

Signal Mountain, Tenn. .37377 
Poole. Mary A. 
P.O. Box 850 
Raeford, N.C 28376 
Pridgen, Sally Lovely 
109 Airhc Rd 
Wilmington. N.C. 28-103 
Redshaw, Christine L. 
2200 Quail Ridge Rd 
Raleigh, N.C 27609 
Roberson, Sheri Lea 
5100 Bridlington Ln 
Raleigh, N.C 27612 
Ross, Cindy B. 
217 Churchill Dr 
Greenville. N.C 27834 
Russell, Jennifer Rae 
3601 Canter Line 
Raleigh, N.C 27604 
Russler, Sue Jctt 
3316 LandorRd. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 
Scott, Catherine E. 
P.O. Box 522 
Manteo. NC 27954 
Sheftall, (Catherine R 
- 3 Cochran Ct 
Charleston, S.C 29407 
Shope, Nicole Irene 
450 16th Ave South 
Naples, Fla. J3940 
Singleton, Shannon D. 

326 Transylvania Ave 
Raleigh, N.C 27609 
Slater, Tacy Holden 
96 Old Bridge Lane 
Richmond, Va. 23229 
Slaughter, Laura Ann 

1820 Neelley Rd. 

Pleasant Garden, N.C 27313 

Southworth, Natalie Paige 
67 Bayshore Dr. 

Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 

Stnckler, Kerne Edith 

401 Shore Dr 

Emporia, Va. 2s847 

Sutton, Angela Kernegay 

3307 Virginia Ave 

New Bern, NC. 28560 

Svendsgaard, Lisa Irene 

102 Concord Dr 

Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514 

Wade. Eugenia M 

3904 Swarthmore Rd 

Durham, N.C 27707 

Wells, Kiley Anderson 

2S38 Exeter Circle 

Raleigh, N.C 27608 

Wheeler, Lee Moore 

125 Saint David St 

Gnfton, NC. 28530 

Wiles, Joni E. 

1808 Longwood Dr 

Raleigh, N.C. 27612 

Williamson, Elizabeth Romaine 

350 Beauregard Ave 

Petersburg. Va. 23805 

Wyrick, Laura H. 

2533 York Rd 

Raleigh. N C 276708 

Twelfth Grade 

Adams, Krista E. 
J09 Dogwood Dr 
Hershey, Pa. 17033 
Adams, Sarah Frances 

862*1 Mt. Pleasant Church Rd 
Willow Springs. NC 27592 
Arey, Jennifer Susan 
808 Forest Hill Ave 
Rocky Mount, N.C 27804 
Baltes, Suzanne Judity 
231 West Elm 
Graham, N.C. 27253 
Barker, Nicole Jane 
1515 Delmont Dr 
Raleigh, NC. 27606 
Bass, Christy Rente 
3913 Valley Stream Dr. 
Raleigh. NC 27604 
Becker. Frednka Marianne 
106 Fox Run 
Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514 

Beckman, Taha A 
820 Park Ave 
New York. NY 10021 
Black, Anne L. 
8005 Sheilnut Rd. 
Raleigh, N.C 27615 
Bolin, Faith E. 
7700 Haymarket Lane 
Raleigh, NC 27609 
Bond, Joanne D. 
196 H.iwthorne Dr 
Danville, Va. 24541 
Brady, Travis E. 
604 Maupin Ave 
Salisbury. NC 28144 
Braswell, Rebecca Joy 
339 North Main St. 
Wake Forest. N.C 27587 
Brooks, Jennifer Bryant 
4104 Darlington Place 
Raleigh, N.C 27612 
Brown, Lisa Marie 
2308Coley Forest Place 
Raleigh, N.C 27612 

Browne, April N. 

513 E. Club Blvd. 

Durham, N.C 27704 

Bryant, Barbara Anne 

2211 Whitman Rd 

Raleigh. N.C. 27607 

Bull, Elizabeth Trice 

1704 Catawba St. 

Columbia, S-C. 29205 

Burroughs, Laura Lee 

P.O. Box 248 

Hatteras, NC 27943 

Byrum, Holly E. 

1336 Brooks Ave. 

Raleigh. N.C. 27607 

Champion, Leigh Anne 

1708 B Street 

Burner, NC. 27509 

Clark, Trudy Brette 

305 Southern Blvd. 

Rocky Mount, N.C 27801 

Coble, Stacey Ann 

5300North Hills Drive 

Raleigh. N.C. 27612 

Cockrell, Elizabeth Claire 

7 Rio Vista Dr. 

Richmond, Va. 23226 

Conder, Joanna C 

Spnngdale Dr 

Camden, S.C. 29020 

Cone, Ashley F. 

2332 Croydon Rd 

Charlotte, NC 28207 

Cox, Elisabeth Leigh 

2848 North Rd. 

Orangeburg, SC. 29115 

Cranford, Mary E. 

2-110 Old Concord Rd 

Salisbury, N.C. 28144 

Cress, Deane Michelle 

2503 Sanderson Dr N.C. 27608 

Crowder, Jennifer Batten 

6521 Newmarket Way 

Raleigh, N.C 27615 

Cunningham, Leah Hines 

2208 Greenwich Lane 

Wilson, NC 27893 

Currie, Beth Ellen 

2518 Dr 

South Boston, Va. 24592 

Curr.e. Heather E. 

40 Viola Dr 

Glen Cove. NY 11542 

Curtis, Kathryn Diane 
396 Lakeshore Lane 

Chapel Hill, N C 2^514 
Dalla Pozza, Angela Renee 
4901 Stonc-ndge Dr 
Raleigh, N.C 27612 
Daniels, Elizabeth Anne 
Route 2, Box 144 
Colerain. N.C 27924 
Defouley, Alexandra B. 
132 South Adams St 
Petersburg, Va. 23803 
Doane, Joelle Rae 
3418 Landor Rd. 
Raleigh, N.C 27609 


Donnally, Deborah Ann 
8616 Windjammer Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C 27601 
Dunlap. Margaret WicklifT 
1906 Stone St 
Raleigh, N.C 27608 
Dunn, Celia H. 
9 West Charlton St. 
Savannah, Ga 11401 
Edmondson, Hope Taylor 
P.O Box I 16 
Maury, NC 28554 
Evans, Lona Alisa 
160^ Lileswood Dr 
Monroe, N.C 28110 
Floyd, Ellen L. 
2203 Sprunt St. 
Durham, NC 27700 
Flynn, Elizabeth Molly 
171 Wcnrworrh St. 
Charleston, S.C. 29401 
Ford, Sara Scott 
Route 3, Box 19 
Louisburg. NC 27549 
Gaskins, Natalie Ann 
612 Lakesrone Dr 
Raleigh, N.C. 27609 
Gilbert, Ellen Jordan 
207 Wymberly Rd. 
St. Simons Island, Ga. 31522 
Gilliam, Martha Rascoe 
203 South King St. 
Windsor. N.C. 27983 
Godwin, Julia E. 
P.O. Box 566 
Taylorsville. N.C 28681 
Gowen, Margaret Manning 
610 Virginia St 
Roanoke Rapids, N.C. 27870 
Gressette, Mary N. 
Box 33 

Samt Matthews, S.C. 29135 
Griffin, Laura Lee 
410 Oak HillRd 
Petersburg, Va. 23805 
Haggard, Velinda D. 
506 Northview Dr. 
Fayerteville. NC 28303 
Hauber, Cynthia Dawn 
202 Loft Lane #181 
Raleigh. N.C 27609 
Haynes, Mary K. 
1205 Kershaw Dr 
Raleigh, N.C 27609 
Hill, Michele Dawn 
Route 14, Box 19 
Maryv.lle. Tenn 3^801 
Hinton, Mary Dana 
Box 1 32 

Kittrell, N C. 27541 
Hobby, Mary C 
2006 Buck.ngham Rd 
Raleigh, N.C. 27607 
Holland, Melissa Paige 
Raleigh, N.C 27609 
Hooks, Hannah Smith 
3005 Glen Burnie Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C 27607 
Horton, Nora Meade 
1950 Hawthorne Rd 
W.lmington. NC 28403 
Jenkins, Mary Joslin 
900 Hillsborough St. 
Raleigh. N.C 27603 
Johnson. Chcrie Yvette 
12 Longstreet Rd. 
Weldon, N C 27890 
Jones, Cynthia Ann 
Route 1. Box 280 
Hookerton, N.C. 28538 
Keller, Gina Noel 
2406 Lakeland Dr. 
Sanford, N.C. 27330 
Kelley, Leslie Caroline 
1208 Blenheim Dr. 
Raleigh, N.C 27612 
Kilpatnck, Emily B. 
104 Oakdak Dr 
WiJliamston, N.C 27892 
Lassirer, Anne E. 
284 Highview Dr 
Chapel Hill, N.C 27514 
Latta, Virginia Page 
632 Country Club Dr 
Burlington, N.C 27215 
Lee, Mary M. 
1003 Riverside Blvd 
Lumberton, N.C 28358 

Lillard, Elise Renee 
8823 Willowmede Dr. 
Clemmons, N.C, 27012 
Lock. Delia Owen 
200 Dupree Place 
Aiken, C.C 29801 
Marsh, Anne Hardin 
3010 Lake Forest Dr. 
Greensboro, N.C. 27408 
Martin, Jennifer L. 
2330 Hales Rd 
Raleigh, N.C 2 7 608 
McEIveen, Sarah C 
3610 Circle 
Columbia, S.C 29205 
McGratty, Virginia Bland 
705 Oak Ave, 
Waynesboro. Va 22980 
Miller. Barbara E. 
P.O, Box 98 
Snow Hill. NC 28580 
Mitchell, Amanda K. 
299 Glencastle Dr. 
Atlanta. Ga. 30327 
Moore. Heather Lee 
140 Steeplechase Rd 
Rocky Mount, N.C 27804 
Morrisette, Melissa Kathryn 
1516 Edgewood Dr 
Elizabeth City. N.C 27909 
Neisler, Amy Stevens 
1111 South Belvedere Ave. 
Gastonia, N.C 28054 
O'Neil, Colleen Pauiette 
10207 E. Hunter Valley Rd. 
Vienna. Va. 22180 
O'Neill, Gretchen 
806 Parma Ave 
Coral Gables, Fla. 33146 
Ogletree, Lydia Stahle 
P.O. Box 510 
Columbia, NC 27925 
Parsley, Mary Scott 
1006 Pine Ridge Rd 
Richmond. Va 23226 
Pavlik, Deborah E. 
3834 Thaxton Lane 
Virginia Beach, Va. 234 52 
Pinsak, Jennifer Carol 
431 Three Knotts Rd 
Monroe. N.C, 28110 
Powell, Kristin Ann 
383 Bill.ngham Dr. 
Burlington, NC. 27215 
Raoufian, Atussa 
102 Lee S(. 

Greenville, N.C 27858 
Ratcliff, Ann Barclay 
1300 12th St 

Huntington, W Va. 25701 
Roberrs, Belinda Hollis 
202 Dr. 
Lakeland. Fla. 33803 
Rogers, Ashley Marie 
P.O Box 64 -t 

Atlantic Beach. N.C. 28512 
Roth, Jennifer Lynn 
9951 Fox Oak Place 
Charlotte, N.C 29210 
Sanoff, Zoe Samantha 
405 West Park Dr 
Raleigh. N.C 27605 
Scarborough. Mary Ashley 
401 Ramblewood Dr 
Raleigh. N.C 27609 
Schmidt, Catherine Lynne 
3111 Beverly Dr 
Dallas, Tx 75205 
Schweers, Jane A. 
3915 Vermont Rd. 
Atlanta, Ga. 30319 
Sorrells. Kimberly Carole 
3310-A Walnut Ck. Pkwy. S. 
Raleigh, N C 2^606 
Spruill, Helen McQueen 
4017 North 30th St. 
Arlington, Va. 22207 
Stephenson, Mary Ellen 
5014 Shamrock Dr 
Raleigh, N.C. 27612 
Stephenson, Caroline 
301 East Broad St. 
Murfreesboro, N.C. 27855 
Stewart, Elizabeth Ann 
4970 S.W 79th St 
Miami. Fla 33143 
Stout, Amanda Jane 
309 Forest Hills Rd 
Wilson, N.C 27893 

Strain, Helen S. 
Box 160. 202 Wilson Ave 
Wendell. NC 27591 
Taylor, Stephanie 
832 Avond.ik Kd 
Gastonia, N.C. 2805-1 
Tew, Ali 

904 Willow Kun Dr 
Raleigh, N.C 2760'; 
Thompson, Amelia P 
518 Echo... Dr 
Atlanta, Ga 50318 
Thrower, Mary Godfrey 
514 Hickory Grove Circle- 
Florence, S.C. 29501 
Tierney, {Catherine L. 
3413 Old Lassiter Mill Rd 
Raleigh, N.C 27609 
Tilghm.m, Anna N. 
1004 West Harnett St. 
Dunn, N.C 28334 
Underwood, Anna McKellar 
3409 Williamsborough Ct. 
Raleigh, N.C, 27609 
Walker, Jennifer Karen 
7108 Leverett Circle 
Raleigh, NC 27609 
Weeks, Edna Harvey 
206 Market St 
Hertford, N.C 27944 
Wehrung, Amy K 
9480 Hunters Creek Drive 
Cincinatri, Ohio 54242 
Wetherill, AudraRuffin 
PO. Box 931 

Wnghtsvilk Beach. N.C. 28480 
Workman, Anna Liese 
Route -4. Box 599 
Mebane, N.C 27 302 
Yeargin, Anna Rives 
3501 Round Hill Rd 
Greensboro. N C. 27408 
Zalal, Breshnaa Carol 
2800 Fa.rvitw Rd 
Raleigh, N.C 27608 




Baba, Michelle 

1260 Fifth St N.E 185 
Hickory, N.C. 28601 
Battle, Elizabeth Margaret 
2416 East Lake Dr. 
Raleigh, N C. 27609 
Brut. Sheila E. 
Route I. Box 56 
Biscoe, N C. 27209 
Burkhart, Stephanie Lynn 
6101 (.howning Ct 
Raleigh, NC 27612 
Curry, Luann Marie 
720Greenvine Place 
Boswelt, Ga. 30076 
Durand, Hetga Nicole 
721 Ridgecrest Rd. 
Lagrange, Ga. 30240 
Eason, Kathcnne Midyette 
4004 Chesapeake Ave 
Hampton. Va 23669 
McLain, Jennifer Lynn 
226 East Nurth St. 
Raleigh. NC 27601 


Adams, Julia S. 

4940 Southwest 77th St. 

Miami, Fla. 33143 

Aimono, Akiko 

Sisa, 4-16, Nakiemegura 

Meguro-Ku, Tokyo 153Jjpan 

Alford, Jennifer Marilyn 

4 508-3E Providence Rd 

Charlotte, N.C. 28226 

Allen. Elizabeth Davis 
400 West Church St. 
Farmville, N.C. 27828 
Allred. Joverne Jean 
8-125 Two Courts 
Raleigh. N.C 27612 
Anderson, Anna Christine 
10 i Fern Ave 
Marion, N ( 28752 
Anderson, Dorothy Clarke 
PO. Box I 166 

Wnghtsvilk- beach, NC 28480 
Armcs. Lawson Wythe 
Scorch Meadows. Box 1783 
Laurinburg, NC 28352 
Austin, Ann Wells 
834 Lansdowne Rd 
( harlorre, N C 28226 
Blount, Dena Angel 
4925 Brookhaven Rd 
Raleigh. N.C, 27612 
Boatright, Gillian Mane 
7506 Park Vista Circle 
Pmevjlle, N.C 28134 
Boucher, Louise Marie 
K-4 200 E Six Forks Rd 
Raleigh. N (. 27609 
Bradley, Heather Herd 
1499 Longhorne Rd. 
Lynchburg. Va. 24503 
Broce. Maria V) 
Box 7874 Zona 9 
San Francisco PN 
Brown, Janet Crawford 
1927 Cassamia Place 
Charlotte, N.C. 28211 
Brownlow, Cameron Allerton 
2430 SW 18th Ave 
Portland, Ore 97201 
Brudenell, Louisa Kallcen 
7127 Overbrook Dr. 
Lynchburg. Va 24503 
Butler, Julie Ann 
680 Atlanta Country ( lub Dr 
Marietta, Ga. 30067 
(.anthers, Tracey V. 
P.O. Box 3349 
Atlantic Beach, N.C. 28512 
Carmichael, Catherine Austin 
2801 Earlswood Rd 
Midlothian, Va. 23113 
Castanas, Ni Colette Georgia 
4212 Wmdwood C.rcle 
Charlotte, N.C 28266 
Catts, Kathleen Avery 
3210 Lemons Ridge 
Atlanta, Ga 30339 
Chong, Frances 
20 Ramsgare Rd 
Singapore 15 I S 
Cole, Scott Mi Nab 
3100 Clarendon Rd 
Charlotte, N.C 28211 
Cooke, Carrie Jo 
504 Gaston Dr 
Spartanburg, S.C 29302 
Covington, Leslie Ann 
905 Forest Hill Dr. 
High Point. N C. 27262 
Curren, Mary P 
200 Tohefuncte Dr 
Covington, La. 7043.3 
Dickens, Virginia Smith 
129 Church St. 
Enfield, N.C. 27823 
Dixon, Elizabeth Louise 
4501 Fairview Dr 
Matthews, N C 28015 
Eames, Susann L. 
105 Elgin St . Thorn Hill 
Ontario. Canada L3T1W7 
Earnhardt. Elizabeth Ann 
P.O. Box 4934 
Hilton Head, S.C . 29938 
Eldndge, Virginia Blalock 
15 Howell Mill Plantation 
Atlanta. Ga. 30327 
Emery, Cheryl Frances 
3520 Mansfield Dr 
Rocky Mount. N.C 27803 
Falls, (Catherine Anne 
206 Country Club Dr 
Greensboro. N C. 27408 


Ferro, Jennifer Ann 

7214 Baltusrol Lane 
Charlotte. N C 28210 
Fletcher, Mary C 
4200 Country Lane 
Matthews, N.C. 28105 
Flournoy, Elisabeth Paige 
1905 York St 
Kinston, N C 28501 
Gago, Maria 
9090-Zona 6 

Panama, Republic oi Panama 
Gerow, Mariah E. 
S305 Hotlowdale 
Roanoke. Va 2401S 
(.rant, Lee Anne 
1424 Drexel RJ 
Montgomery, Ala. 36106 
Greene.Deirdre McCrae 
21 Charnwood Rd. 
Richmond, VA 2522V 
Griffin, Virginia D. 
135 Burlington St 
Holden Beach, N.C 28462 
Gwaltney. Jill W. 
201 Moonefield Dr. 
Smithfield, VA 23430 
llarada, Mann 
Sisa 4 - Id -14, Nakameguro 
Tokyo, 153 Japan 
llillman, Margaret Means 
655 Abingdon Dr N E 
Concord, N.C 28025 
Hocutt, Lesa Ann 
635 Winterkxhen Rd 
Raleigh, NC 27601 
Hogan, Louise B 
501 Hertford St 
Raleigh. N.C. 27609 
Jenkins, Patricia Lee 
1212 Stockton Rd 
Kjnston, N C 28501 
Johnson. Kathryn Ivey 
1011 Harvey St 
Raleigh. N.C 27608 
Johnson, Susan Carol 
2024 Stedwick Place 
Charlotte, N.C 28211 
Joyce, Jennifer Anne 
1705 Kellog Springs Dr 
Dunwoody, Ga. 30338 
Keys, Jennifer L. 
6148 Ran Lynn Dr 
Roanoke. Va. 24018 
LaMuragha. Mary Ellen 
1243 Devonshire Ave 
High Point. NC. 27260 
Lassiter, Laura E. 
519 Augusta Dr 
Statesville, NC 28677 
Laurent. Pamela Joyce 
4003 Penhurst Dr 
Marietta, Ga 10062 
Lear, Jennifer Ann 
J026 Stepp Dr 
Columbia.SC 29264 
Lindsay. Jennifer Kimiko 
756 Greenndge Lane 
Louisville, Ky 40207 
Loughlin. Catherine H. 
1407 lave Oak Pkwy 
Wilmington, NC 28403 
MacKinnon. Wendy Kay 
■)225 Rd 
Charlotte. N.C. 28226 
Mann, Mary Lynne 
7 1 5 Edgewater Dr 
Garner, NC 27529 
Maroon, Michele Theresa 
4305 Longbranch 
Raleigh. N C. 27604 
Martin, Sarah Kathryn 
2747 Cypress Ct 
High Point. N C 27260 
Mason, Miriam Leavut 
P O. Drawer 99 
Morehead City. N C 28557 
Mattocks, (Catherine Atkins 
524 Colville Rd 
Charlotte, N C 28207 
Maynard, Patricia Marie 
S10 Bay Dr 
Cary, N.C 27511 
Mcintosh. Laura Michele 
7621 Bocage Blvd 
Baron Rouge, La. 70809 
McLean, Mary E 
1407 Welcome Rd 
Newnan. Ga. 30263 

Medinger, Anna E. 
701 Brookfield Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 
Melvin, Kris tie L 
Route 4, Box 990 
Dunn, N.C. 28134 
Miller, Kathryn E. 
P.O. 1171 

Brevard, N.C 28712 
Morgan. Tracy E 
P.O Box Nil 
Manteo. N C 27954 
Newton, Caroline C 
184 7 Greystone Rd 
Atlanta, Ga 30318 
Ng, Siew-Ling 
6040A Six Forks Rd SU 12A 
Raleigh. N.C 27609 
Noe, Love J 
27 Pipers'Neck Rd 
Wilmington, NC 28405 
Ogawa, Akira 
2-29-2 Daizawa, Setagaya-K 
Tokyo. Japan 
Owens, Jenny McEnery 
6916 Valley Dt 
Raleigh, N.C, 27612 
Owens. Misty Alane 
14 10 Sweetbnar Ct 
High Point. N.C 27260 
Pate, Mary Ami 
1912 Hampton Rd 
Kinston. N C 28501 
Patrick, Marbury W 
516 Fairfax 
Norfolk, Va 23507 
Perkinson, Virginia A 
PO Box 103 
Lively. Va. 22507 
Perry, Amy E. 
PO Box 8 

Loutsburg, N.C 27549 
Phillips. Deborah Lyn 
701 Oakmont Or 
Asheboro, N C 27203 
Pinckney, Anne French 
26 New St 

Charleston, SC 29401 
Powers, Elizabeth Weston 
1628 Millford Rd 
Columbia, SC 29206 
Purvis, Kara M 
1654 Quail Hollow Rd 
McLean, Va 22101 
Query, Laura Suzanne 
4108 Holly Ridge Rd 
New Bern, N.C. 28560 
Rasmussen, Cynthia Lee 
1317 Overland Dr 
High Point. N C 27260 
Remling, Susan Dimock 
2804 Hazelwood Dr 
Raleigh. N.C. 27608 
Robinson, Virginia Lynn 
1900 Bridle Lane 
Alexandria. Va. 22308 
Saunders, Jacqueline 
8313 Whistler Ct. 
Richmond, Va. 23227 
Schoch, Amanda Rodes 
1012 Country Club Dr 
High Point, NC. 27262 
Shannonhouse, Mary E. 
2632 Bebetsyck Rd 
Charlotte, N.C 28211 
Shepherd, Leslie Laughlin 
80** West Scoisdale Rd 
Launnbutg.N C 28352 
Sherald, Harriet E. 
4718 Velpoe Drive C 
Columbus. Ga 31907 
Sista, Karen Ann 
7829 Hardwick Dr. 
Raleigh. NC 27615 
Smith, Angela Frances 
10 Canterbury Ct 
Wendell, N C 27591 
Smith, Betsy E. 
2708 Bedford Ave. 
Raleigh, NC 27607 
Smith, Judith Allison 
5000 Rea Rd 
Matthews, N C 28105 
Smith, Stephanie Fawn 
759 Museum Dr 
Charlotte, N.C. 28207 
Spurrier, Lillian M. 
1903 Westbrook Circle 
Gasronia, N.C. 28052 

Stone, Jennifer Lynn 

404 Wildwood Ave. 
Rocky Mount, N.C 2 7803 
Stoughion, Sheila 
209 York Rd 
Greenville. N.C 27834 
Stubbs, Julie E. 
1817 Carmel Dr 
Greensboro, N.C. 27408 
Surles, Jean E. 
P.O. Box 32 
Linden. N C. 28356 
Sutton, Kimberly Susan 
2905 Wellington Dr 
Rocky Mount, N C 27804 
Taylor, Jarrett Hall 
216 Howard Dr 
Lynchburg, Va 24503 
Thiele, Laura Ann 
2410 Brook Rd 
Charlottesville. Va 22901 
Thompson, Martha Ellen 
Route 3, Box 23 
Windsor, N.C. 27983 
Thompson, Susie G. 
315 4 Old Farm Rd 
Montgomery, Ala Sfi] 1 1 
Thorpe, Sal lie Carson 
1528 West Haven Blvd 
Rocky Mount. N.C, 27801 
Vanderlinden, Bngette Sabine 
5504 Parttidge Lane 
Raleigh, N C. 27609 
Vick, Laura Ashleigh 
618 West Woods Dr 
Richmond, Va. 2"<22 l > 
Waddill. Liles M. 
1709 Wilshire Blvd 
Wilson. N.C 27893 
Worthington, Karen Lise 
2122 Cedarwood Sr 
Henderson, NC 27536 
Yaocy, Elizabeth A 
Route 6, Box 687-H 
Fairview, N.C 28730 
Yaoita, Eiko 
2-2 3-20 Higashi 
Ibaraki. Japan 25 3 


Adams, Harriet Purcell 
PO Box 726 
Nashville. NC 27856 
Arey, Meg 
808 Forest Hill Ave 
Rocky Mount, N.C 27804 
Barnwell, Neely 
27 10 Charlotte Lane 
Burlington, NC 27215 
Beasley. Mary Let 



Louisburg. N.C 27549 
Beaver, Meredith Kaye 
Route 1, Box 306 
China Grove, N.C 28023 
Blakeney, Anna Kathryn 
9502 Ct 
Vienna, Va. 22180 
Bradshaw, Mary McLean 
7416 Grist Mill Rd 
Raleigh, N.C. 27609 
Brinkley, Melanie 
Route 3, Box 104 
Wake Forest. N.C. 27587 
Britt, Bobbie Lou 
302 West Jl St 
Lumberton. N.C 28358 
Brown, Ruland E. 
1749 N WoodhouseRd. 
Virginia Beach, Va 23454 
Brown, Suzanna B. 
1767 Sherwood Rd. 
Patersburg. Va 23805 
Burnham, Carolyn E. 
PO Box 846 
Greenwood, MS. 38930 
Carpenter, Catherine Kelley 
1612 St Andrews Rd 
Greensboro, N.C. 27408 
Carter, Natalie 
226 Summit Avenue 
Summit, N.J. 07901 

Casey, Lambeth Mylaine 
205 Glenwood Ave 
Kinston, NC 28501 
Chandler, Jamy B. 
11911 Foxwood Place 
Carmel, IN 46032 
Cheatham. Margaret Sturges 
Box 46 

Statesville,NC 28667 
Craig, Megan Southard 
1604 Sarsfield Ave 
Camden, SC 29020 
Crowder, Melissa 
1410 Greenmount Dr. 
Asheboro, NC 27203 
Dietz, Paisley W. 
5001 Oak Park Rd. 
Raleigh. NC 27612 
Emery, Suzanne V 
63^ 17th Ave, N.E. 
Sr. Petersburg, FL 33704 
Engel, Marjorie V. 
P.O. Box 56 
Eagles Mere. PA 17731 
Eubank, Nicole Ballou 
14 Kendall St 
Laguna Nigel, CA 92677 
Evans, Dara Katrice 
208 Holly Hill Rd 
Murfreesboro, NC 27855 
Fletcher, Elizabeth C. 
2413 Richardson Dr 
Charlotte, NC 28211 
Forester, Michelle 
261 1 Lemon Tree Lane 
Charlotte, NC 28211 
Foster, Carolyn A. 
905 Rockl'ord Rd. 
High Point, NC 27260 
Fuller, Sarah Page 
819 Washington Ave 
South Boston. VA 24 592 
Gabrtelsen, Kathenne Parker 
3397 Rilman Rd 
Atlanta, GA 30327 
Gibson, Melissa L. 
1701 Queens Rd West 
Charlotte. N>C 28207 
Gomez, Kaihenne Moyler 
J13 Whitehaven Rd 
Virginia Beach. VA 23451 
Grimes, Erika Tristan 
9""38 Swift Creek Court 
Fairfax Station. VA 22039 
Hancock, Amy H. 
1303 West Davis St. 
Burlington, N C 27215 
Hanks, Courtney S. 
710 Colony Ave 
Ahoskie, NC 2""910 
Harwood, Kristan Paige 
459 Atlanta Country Club Dr. 
Marietta, GA 30067 
Holton, Sally Anne 
601 Brookview 
Chapel HiU. NC 27514 
Hunsicker, Christina Wallis 
1654 12th Street. NE 
Hickory, NC 28601 
King, Elizabeth Marie 
1116 Wcstover Avenue 
Norfolk, VA 23507 
Kn k land. Lela Lee 
1004 Salem S( 
Wilson, NC 27893 
Kirksey, Corinne E. 
121 Silver Creek Rd 
Morgan ton, NC 28655 
Koch, Melissa Leigh 
703 Long Leaf Dr 
Chapel Hill, NC 2^514 
Laney, Carol H. 
137 WesrfieldRd. 
Shelby, NC 28250 
Lea, Margaret Rhett 
901 West Memorial Dr 
Ahoskie, NC 27910 
Leach, Elizabeth Lawson 
Route 5. Box 271 
Washington, NC 27889 
Leger, Joanne 
7836 Harbour Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 


Litakcr, Lucile I 

7230 Alexander Rd 

Matthews, NC 28105 

[ lungdahl, Carnlyne Marie 

P.O Box 156 

Lake Lure, NC 28746 

Lynn, Susan Lunsford 

700-1 Tanbark Way 

Raleigh, NC 27609 

Mai kie, Ashland Robinson 

1 S3 Junipter Street 

Wake Forest. NC 27587 

Mooring, Marcia R. 

221 3 Somerset Dr 

Wilson, NC 27893 

Newman, Martha Dudley 

•1-100 Cold Spring Rd 

Winston-Salem, NC 27160 

Norman, (Catherine M. 

4419 University Dr 

Coral Gables, FL 331-46 

Nutter, Laura C 

SOU Rising Meadow 

Matthews, NC 28103 

O'Bannon, Tracye Taylor 

111 Williamsburg Dr. 
Greenville, NC 27834 
O'Kelley, Courtney L. 
2024-C Carroll Dr. 
Raleigh. NC 27608 
Page, Caroline Amadon 
P.O Box 1060 
Pittsboro. NC 27312 
Pattishall, Jane E. 
2300 Queens Road E. 
Charlotte, NC 28207 
Piggott, Kelly K. 

912 Old Trents Ferry Rd 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 
Poisson, Susan D. 
15 British Court 
Smithlleld, NC 27577 
Prince, Amanda Frances 
102 E. Rooselvelt Dr. 
Williamston, NC 27892 
Ray, Polly E 
4151 ThunderWrd Dr 
Marietta, GA 30067 
Redding', Susan Kathenne 
P.O. Box 1386 
Asheboro. NC 27203 
Reece, Diana M. 
Route 4, Box 311 
Lllington, NC 27871 
Roberson, Martha 
102 Dell St. Box 31 I 
Robersonville. NC 27871 
Rochon, Julie G. 
5 Ch. Du Godenard 
Lake Beaufort Quebec. Canada 
Manuel, Elizabeth Arden 
41-B Meeting Street 
Charleston, SC 29401 
Manuel, Katherine Lee 
4 IB Meeting Street 
Charleston, SC 29.101 
Marjenhoff, Juliana 
58 Campbell Dr 
Charleston, SC 29407 
Martin, Anne E. 
P.O. Box 786 
Pinehurst, NC 28374 
Mason, Andrea Lea 
4805 Harley Ave 
Fort Worth, TX 76107 
McAdoo, Leigh Carol 
506 Rockford Rd. 
Greensboro. NC 27408 
McCoy, Olga Helen 

112 Hillside Ave, 
Fayetteville. NC 28101 
Mincy, Elizabeth A. 
P.O. Box 960 
Graham, NC 27253 
Rooks, Lisa H. 

210 Thompson's Alley 

Alexandria, VA 22314 

Ryals, Lucy 

523 Fifth Ave N. 

Surfside Beach, SC 29577 

Saputra, Susana 

Jl , Ar|una28,Tanjung Duren 

Jakarta Barat, ID 

Saye, Shannon 

Shady Acres, Rt J 

Asheboro, NC 27203 

Serafim, Kimberly Kris tine 

9402 Lakeland Dr. 

Richmond. VA 23229 

Shuford, Susan L. 
1660 8th St DR NW 
Hickory, NC 28601 
Simpson, Elizabeth G. 
l-B Fountain Manot 
Greensboro, NC 27405 
Sims, Ujeana Ann 
Rt I. Mux J56 
Pendleton. SC 29670 
Skinner, Cynthia P. 
2016 Sunnybrook Dr. 
Burlington, NC 27215 
Smith, Caroline Wellborn 
2304 Beechndge Rd. 
Raleigh. NC 27608 
Stickley, Elizabeth Vaden 
303 Country Club Dr 
Greensboro, NC 27408 
Stocks, Mary Staton 
707 Dover Rd. 
Greensboro. NC 27408 
Stuikey, Arianna D. 
4811 Carter Hill Rd. 
Columbia, SC: 29206 
Swing, Kathryn 
714 Brookgreen Dr 
Lexington, NC 27292 
Tannery, Kelly E. 
6332 Bays water Trial 
Raleigh, NC 27612 
Taylor, Laura C. 
1880 Maryland Ave. 
Charlotte. NC 28209 
Thompson, Angela Lynn 
475 East 2nd St. 
Clayton, NC 27520 
Tucker, Anne Shore 
3051 Hemlock Ln . SW 
Roanoke, VA 24014 
Van Ausdall, Kathryn L. 
7700 Kenmore Circle 
Richmond. VA 23225 
Van Dorp, Mary Elizabeth 
109 Landon Dr. 
Washington. NC 27889 
Vandiver, Elizabeth Anne 
104 Postelle Dr. 
Anderson, SC 29261 
Wilkins, Virginia Bishop 
505 16th Ave., N 
Myrtle Beach. SC 29557 
Wilson, Elizabeth T. 
P.O Box 7 3 
Charlevoix, Ml 49720 
Wilson, Sharon Michele 
Rid I. Box 935 
Knightdale, NC 27545 
Woodard, Virginia B. 
202 Sunnyside Dr. 
Washington. NC 27889 
Wortham, Wendy K. 
8630 Hayshed Lane 
Columbia, MD 21045 
Yelton, Stephanie Lynn 
101 E. Lockhaven Dr. #4 
Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Mann, Mary 
719-C Chamberlain St 
Raleigh. NC 27607 
Muller, Karen 
133 Bonnell Court 
Cary, N.C. 27511 
Ola, Adebola 
Abua Close, P.O. Box 5711 
Port Harcott, West Africa 
Patterson, Kimberly 
1401 Deboy St 
Raleigh. N.C, 27606 
Rich, Sandra 

HOSLakecresi Ave., #1316 
High Point. N.C, 27260 
Seifmazandarani, Taban 
1 19 Cameron Ct, 
Cary, N.C. 27511 
Wechslcr, Jennifer 
Route 1, Box 456 
Hillsborough, N.C. 27278 

Special Students 

Allen, Barbara G. 
107 Leeward Ct. 

Cary, N.C. 27511 
Barnwell, Mittie Crumpler 
2710 Charlotte Lane 
Burlington, N.C. 27215 
Boyce, Kristin 
Hi Village Green 
Chapel Hill. N C 27514 
Butler, Alison Jane 
Rt I, Scotch Meadows 
Launnburg. N.C 28152 
Cardinal, Ainsley Worth 
1505 Bellmgrath Dr 
Tuscaloosa. Ala. 35406 
Comer, Joan L. 
P.O Box 87 
Seagrove, N.C 27341 
Crawley, Sheila D. 
P.O. Box 4 324 
Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia 
Route 2, Box 265 
Halifax, N.C. 27839 

Directory/ 163 


• Wmslon-Salem 


• North Carolina 

Joe Allegood. Wilson, North Carolina